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New Tools
  • Dremel® is expanding its line of cordless rotary tools with the introduction of the Dremel 8220Cordless 12VMax High-Performance Rotary Tool. The Dremel 8220 is powerful and precise, providing users with greater control and allowing the tool to work effectively on a broad array of materials, including laminates, adhesives, cabinets and countertops. Do-it-yourselfers can tackle a variety of projects with the new Dremel 8220 rotary tool, from cutting, grinding and routing to cleaning, sanding and polishing.
  • Checking items off of your to-do list just got easier with the introduction of the new Dremel 3000, a makeover of the brand’s most popular rotary tool featuring user-requested upgrades. The Dremel 3000 features the revolutionary EZ Twist™ nose cap design allowing for tool-less accessory changes. Now that’s fast and easy!
  • Ever wish you could make precise cuts comfortably and with just one hand while working around your home? Your wish has been granted with the introduction of the brand new, first-of-its-kind Dremel Saw-Max. This handheld saw is reinventing the cutting category completely – allowing users to make precise, clean and straight cuts in a wide variety of materials using compact cutting wheels.
  • The Dremel brand’s is continuing to expand its oscillating tool line with the introduction of the Dremel MM20 and MM40. The new oscillating tools allow users to tackle a wider array of applications with increased tool performance and features – making any task that much easier to complete.
DIY and Craft Inspiration for All Seasons
  • The Dremel brand is providing DIY, craft and hobby enthusiasts with inspiration and instruction to tackle a variety of home improvement and fun craft projects through an all-new, all-projects website. offers modern and exciting projects and ideas that can be completed in a single weekend (or less!). Each month, unveils new projects tied to a theme. For May, the theme is "Four Rooms, Four Weekends" which shows how to refresh various spaces, from the bedroom to the mudroom, in a single weekend. The theme for June is "Backyard Party," which will offer new projects perfect for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. With the long Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, it’s a great time to spruce up the home and garden or begin a new craft project. Stop by for step-by-step guides for craft, home, and garden projects suitable for every skill level!


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