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As the new year approaches, the Dremel® brand is helping eNewsletter readers tackle home improvement projects that might fall on their list of resolutions. This month, find bonus advice from DIY expert Paul Ryan for completing “30 Minute Miracles”, and learn how best to put the latest Dremel rotary tool attachments to use, thanks to the Dremel Experts. offers great product information and project tips. For more project ideas, information and expert advice, talk with other Dremel users on the Dremel Message Board.
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Dremel “30 Minute Miracles” — Bonus Advice From DIY Expert Paul Ryan

The Dremel brand is thrilled to be working with Paul Ryan, host of DIY Network‘s “Kitchen Renovations” series, to provide DIYers with easy-to-follow tips for completing 10 of the most common home improvement and remodeling projects – all in 30 minutes or less.

If you haven‘t already, be sure to view all “30 Minute Miracles” projects here, and show off your home improvement skills by entering the “30 Minute Miracles” contest before December 31. All you need to do is visit, submit your best home improvement or remodeling tip in 200 words or less that can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less using your Dremel tools, and you‘re eligible to win a $2,500 American Express gift card, among other prizes.

This month, Ryan offers Dremel eNewsletter readers exclusive “bonus” tips and even reveals a little-known secret about himself.

Dremel: Paul, it‘s your turn - in 200 words or less, share your favorite home improvement or remodeling tip that can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less using Dremel tools.
Paul Ryan: That‘s easy, I just finished this project myself – replace a shutoff valve in your water line. It‘s one of those projects that every homeowner is faced with at some point. First, shut off the water to the house. Open faucets upstairs and downstairs to make sure all the water is out of the lines. Using the MM422 3/4” Wood/Metal Flush Cut Blade with the Dremel Multi–Max™ Oscillating Tool System, cut through the copper line and remove the old valve. Solder in an extension piece and the new valve. Make sure you dry fit the valve and copper extensions first.

What‘s a 30 minute miracle that would make a big impact on a person‘s home?
Clean and polish all your faucets. It might sound simple, but it really does make an impact. (Instructions here.)

If you had 30 minutes right now to update your own home, what would you do?
Swap out my front lights on the house.

Many homeowners are intimidated by DIY projects. What‘s your advice for conquering that fear?
Don‘t jump into a project unless you‘re prepared and know that you have the skills to tackle it. I tell people to start slow, and build the size of your projects as you build your skill level. Know when to call in the experts. I don‘t do wiring to the electrical panel. I don‘t install granite countertops. I will partner with experts so I don‘t get stuck halfway and not have a solution.

As a trained carpenter, how have Dremel tools played an integral part in your work?
I like Dremel tools a lot for getting into those tight spaces. It‘s nice to have so many attachments that can save the day when you can‘t remove something, or need a specialty cut.

What is your favorite Dremel tool and why?
I like the Dremel Multi-Max and the cutting blades because I can control the cutting of smaller objects without worrying about a larger circular saw binding on those fragile materials.

Have you discovered any key tips or tricks for using Dremel tools?
Let the tool work for you. Because the RPM of the tool is so high, rotary tools use speed instead of raw power so you don‘t have to force the blades or cutting bits.

As the host of “Kitchen Renovations,” you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. What‘s your favorite kitchen fix?
Changing out countertops. It totally changes the look of a kitchen.

Why do you like DIY?
I love a challenge and I like to win. If I can take on a job and complete it, I get a real sense of accomplishment.

What‘s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
I‘m an Off-Ice Official for the National Hockey League.

Featured Project — Removing Grout in 30 Minutes

Removing grout is a common home improvement project that can be completed in 30 minutes or less using either the Dremel Multi–Max or your favorite Dremel rotary tool. Read the instructions and watch the project video below to see step–by–step how simple, yet beneficial this update can be.

Regrout shower and tub tiles
Bathrooms tend to look worn and dated faster than other areas of your home simply because they‘re one of the most trafficked areas and an easy target for dirt and stains. Removing and replacing tile grout, typically as a result of mold accumulation, is a small renovation project that pays big dividends in appearance. You can‘t avoid it, so instead of hiring a contractor or fighting with a hand tool to scrape grout out, invest in a Dremel oscillating or rotary tool to grind away grout in a matter of minutes.

  • STEP ONE: Remove existing grout material. For larger or more sustained projects, try the Dremel Multi–Max with an MM500 or MM501 Grout Removal Blade. For smaller or more detailed projects, a Dremel 4000 equipped with the 568 Grout Removal Attachment and 569 Carbide Grout Removal Bit is a good solution. Both tool solutions will do the job and will grind the old grout away in a matter of minutes. After securing the attachment to the tool, guide the blade or bit into the grout and keep at a right angle so as to not nick the tile. In a smooth, even motion, make passes between tiles to remove the grout.

  • STEP TWO: Next, thoroughly clean the areas where the existing grout was removed before adding the new grout between tiles according to manufacturer directions.
You can find more quick and helpful project instructions in our downloadable “30 Minute Miracles” brochure.
Expert Advice — Tips for Using New Rotary Tool Attachments:
Detailer‘s Grip and Sanding/Grinding Guide

When the Dremel brand introduced the new Dremel 4000 rotary tool this fall, it also debuted two new rotary tool attachments: the Detailer‘s Grip and Sanding/Grinding Guide. Although the attachments are compatible with all rotary tools except the Dremel Stylus™ and Dremel Mini–Mite, consumers can currently obtain them exclusively in Dremel 4000 kits. This month, the Dremel Experts share tips for putting the attachments to use and offer advice on projects you might want to use them for.

Detailer‘s Grip
Detailer's GripThe Detailer‘s Grip facilitates the addition of a pistol grip to your rotary tool – similar to the Dremel Stylus design. Use the Detailer‘s Grip for those times when precision and control are critical. The closer you hold the tool to the nose, the more command you have. The Detailer‘s Grip allows you to grip the tool closely and safely, giving you the grip and confidence you need for the greatest possible level of control. The Detailer‘s Grip is perfect for projects such as glass etching, wood carving and engraving metal for decorative purposes or for identification.

Sanding /Grinding Guide
Sand/Grind Guide The new Sanding/Grinding Guide attachment allows you to guide a work piece to a securely mounted rotary tool or guide the tool along the edge of a flat or beveled surface. It reduces guesswork and adds the potential for precision and exactness to your work. If you‘re sanding an edge that needs to be perfect before finishing, clamp your work piece then use the Sanding/Grinding platform to take off either a preset angle, or a more exacting amount along the edge. You‘ll no longer have to place the tool in a shaper, use a router table or work a jig of your own. The Sanding/Grinding Guide makes projects such as sharpening chisels or garden tools, and sanding the edges of wood trim and moldings during a home restoration project much easier. It‘s the perfect attachment to use any time you need to shape, sand or grind a small or delicate workpiece with precision and control.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Dremel Experts via e–mail or 800.437.3635. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.

Dremel News

Dremel and Lowe‘s Pinewood Derby® Days
Attention race fans! As the Pinewood Derby season begins, we‘re proud to present Dremel and Lowe‘s Pinewood Derby Days 2010 Web site. Parents and racers can go online to get Pinewood Derby car building tricks and expert advice. We‘re also bringing all the winning tips you need to a store near you. Click here for a schedule of in–store clinics and expert tips to help you build a car you‘ll be proud of.

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Purchase a new Dremel 4000 rotary tool and we‘ll send you one each of the new Detail Abrasive Brush accessories for free! Click here to print your rebate order form.

Win a Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kit Dremel 4000
What do–it–yourself project will you add to your New Year‘s resolution list this year? In one sentence, e–mail us what home improvement project you plan to complete in 2010 for a chance to win a new Dremel 4000 rotary tool. Send your response along with your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and phone number in the body of the e–mail and “Dremel 4000” in the subject line. We‘ll pick five entries at random and announce the winners next month. Stay tuned for more Dremel news this year!

Safety reminder: When working with Dremel brand or any other power tool, always wear eye protection and a dust mask, and read and understand the owner‘s manual prior to using.

30 Minute Miracles Video