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It’s no secret that the Dremel® brand loves our eNewsletter readers. We’re showing our affection during this “month of love” by letting YOU tell US what to do via your feedback in the eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey. We’re also excited to announce the winner of our “30 Minute Miracles” Contest, share his creative do–it–yourself project idea, and divulge expert tips for working with drywall. offers great product information and project tips. For more project ideas, information and expert advice, talk with other Dremel users on the Dremel Message Board.
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“30 Minute Miracles” Contest Winner

When we asked Dremel users to flaunt their home improvement skills in our “30 Minute Miracles” Contest, we received hundreds of clever, useful and fun DIY project ideas. Thanks to all eNewsletter readers who shared their “30 Minute Miracles” projects with us. This month, we’re introducing you to our contest winner who took home the $2,500 grand–prize.

Darin Burrell of Boise, Idaho, found his “30 Minute Miracles” project idea just half an hour before guests arrived to his home for a dinner party. His simple project, reglazing and replacing a window at his front door, left a big impact on both his home and his wife.

“Our front door had a cracked pane for six months and just 30 minutes before our party began, my wife mentioned how nice it would be if our guests were greeted at a front door that didn’t look like it was the set for a horror movie,” said Burrell. “I turned to my Dremel rotary tool and it was the perfect solution.”

Burrell used his Dremel rotary tool, a veteran of his workbench, and EZ472SA Detail Abrasive Brush accessory to clean out the old window pane glaze and chipping paint. After replacing the glass and reglazing, he buffed off extra peeling paint before priming and painting bare areas. Burrell finished with time to spare, and while waiting for the paint to dry, took a few minutes to further impress his wife by using his Dremel rotary tool and a polishing brush to polish the door knobs until they shone.

“You don’t need to have a complete wood shop in your garage in order to make your home look and function better,” said Burrell. “Dremel tools and attachments are the perfect addition to any home tool kit because they are easy and convenient to use. Plus, their multi–purpose capabilities make them a great fit for a variety of projects.”

Burrell has been a Dremel user for more than 10 years. He uses his tools numerous times each year, most frequently during the summer when he sharpens his yard tools and takes on many sanding and metal cutting tasks. He says his wife uses his Dremel rotary tool almost as much as he does, but for craft and decorating projects. In fact, she was the one who encouraged him to enter the “30 Minute Miracles” Contest.

“I entered because I thought my idea was unique, easy for anyone to do, and it was definitely a ‘30 Minute Miracle,’” said Burrell. “I challenge homeowners to bring out their Dremel tools and make those home repairs that seem daunting. I bet they’ll end up being very simple fixes, thanks to Dremel.”

The second place winner is Wendy Ballog of Parma, Ohio, who added curb appeal to her home by engraving her address into a large sandstone rock on her lawn. Ballog’s creative “30 Minute Miracles” idea won her a $1,000 American Express® gift card. The third place winner, Brian Darnell of Heltonville, Ind., won a $500 American Express gift card for his tip for using a Dremel rotary tool to remove old, rusted bolts from outdoor objects.

The Dremel “30 Minute Miracles” Contest has ended, but be sure visit to download the FREE 30 Minute Miracles brochure and winning project ideas for easy-to-follow tips for completing some of the most common home repair and remodeling projects — all in 30 minutes or less.
Featured Project — eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey

We appreciate our eNewsletter readers and want to hear your feedback. What do you like about Dremel eNewsletters? What would you like to see changed or added to the monthly issues? We’re all ears. Click here to share your feedback via the 2010 eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey. It takes less than six minutes to complete.

To thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, we’ll enter the names of all respondents into a drawing for a new tool set of your choice. Five winners, chosen at random, will have their pick of either a Dremel Multi–Max™ Oscillating Tool System or a Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kit.
Expert Advice — Tips for Working with Drywall

Dremel rotary tools make a variety of projects easier, including cutting drywall. If you have to cut drywall to install duct work or need to install an electrical outlet, a Dremel rotary tool or the Dremel Multi–Max oscillating tool can make these potentially tricky jobs a cinch to complete.

Begin by outlining the shape you wish to cut with a pencil on your wall and make sure the power is off if the electrical box you’re working on is live.

To cut drywall with a rotary tool, you’ll need a 565 Cutting Guide and a 560 Drywall Cutting Bit. Insert the bit in the collet and tighten. Then, attach the cutting guide and adjust to match the depth of your wall. Doing so will ensure your depth–of–cut is consistent.

Set your tool to its high speed and plunge the bit into the drywall near the center of the shape. Be sure to keep the surface of your cutting guide flush to the drywall to help maintain the life of your bit. Then, move the tool to the edge of the area that needs cutting. Continue your cut in a counter clockwise motion until complete. Pop out the remaining piece and clean the edges if needed.

To cut drywall with the Multi–Max oscillating tool, use the MM450 Wood and Drywall Saw Blade. Attach the MM450 blade to your tool at a right angle and set the tool to maximum speed. Plunge the blade straight in, then work the blade along the outline of the shape. When needed, rotate the tool to reach in corners. Repeat for all sides. When finished, pop out the cut piece and clean the edges if necessary. The advantage of using the Multi–Max to cut drywall is that the thin kerf of the MM450 blade makes precise, straight cuts and the particles of cut drywall typically drop straight down to the floor for easy clean–up.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Dremel Experts via e–mail or 800.437.3635. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.

Dremel News

Thanks to all Dremel eNewsletter readers who participated in our January giveaway by sharing your ideas for kitchen and bath updates. We enjoyed hearing them! Congratulations to Bill Brumleve, Pooler, Ga.; Patricia Kellar, McDonough, Ga.; Jack Mishler, Springfield, Mo.; Shawnee Bowlin, Atlanta, Texas; and Elmo McLean, Springdale, Wash.; who won a new Dremel 4000 for their ideas to install a new backsplash to accent countertops, cut out panels in kitchen cabinets and replace with glass, install a walk–in shower, carve artwork into cabinet doors and to cut flooring to fit around the bathtub, toilet, sink and hot water tank.

Dremel & Lowe’s Pinewood Derby® Days
Calling all race fans! As the Pinewood Derby season begins, don’t forget to visit Dremel & Lowe’s Pinewood Derby Days 2010 Web site. Parents and racers can go online to get Pinewood Derby car building tricks and expert advice. We’re also bringing all the winning tips you need to a store near you. Click here for a schedule of in–store clinics and expert tips to help you build a car you’ll be proud of.

Safety reminder: When working with Dremel brand or any other power tool, always wear eye protection and a dust mask, and read and understand the owner’s manual prior to using.

Stay tuned for more Dremel news this year!

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