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About the Issue
Interested in giving your outdoor space a Zen makeover this summer? Want to revamp your ride to look as good as the day you first laid eyes on it? This month, Dremel is showing you how to enhance your surroundings with step-by-step DIY projects and a versatile new tool kit!

Table of Contents 1   What’s New at Dremel
Renew Your Ride with the Dremel Automotive Kit
  Table of Contents 4   DIY
Show Us What You’ve Got!
Table of Contents 2 Summer Projects
Tackle Your Summer Projects with the New Carbide Flush Cutting Blade
Table of Contents 5 Promotions/Giveaways
Dremel Automotive Kit
Table of Contents 3 Featured Projects
Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space with These Fun Summer Projects!


What’s New at Dremel
Renew your ride with the Dremel Automotive Kit

Automotive Kit

Dremel Automotive Kit

Summer is the perfect time to pop open the garage and get to work on your favorite four wheels. Whether it’s your car, truck, motorcycle or RV, you’re going to need a rotary tool that’s as versatile as it is precise to tune-up your ride.

With 7.2 volts of power that you can take anywhere, the Dremel Automotive Kit includes a two-speed cordless tool, perfect for do-it-yourself jobs on your car’s interior, body, or under the hood. No outlet necessary! The automotive kit also includes 10 accessories to help you cut, buff and clean while you’re fine tuning your car. You can even cut a rusted clamp using the 426 Cut-Off Wheels. Whether you need to fix a few small things, or you’re a full-fledged auto-enthusiast, this kit will help you polish off your to-do list in the garage.

How to: Cleaning a Corroded Battery
Materials you’ll need:
  • Baking Soda and Stiff Brush
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Wrench for Cable Clamp
  • Wrench to Remove Battery
  • Waterproof Grease
Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • To get started: Disconnect the cable clamps from the battery (negative/black first and then positive/red). Reconnect the cables to the battery securely (positive/red first and then negative/black). Any looseness in the cables can prevent your car from starting so tighten them securely.
  • Step 1: After loosening the cable clamps and battery holder, remove the battery from the vehicle.
  • Step 2: Begin by cleaning the entire top of the battery of dirt and oxidation using baking soda and water.
  • Step 3: While the battery is removed from the vehicle, clean the cable clamps until shiny with the 535 or 536 brass brush. Recommended speed: 15,000 rpm.
  • Step 4: Re-install the battery in the vehicle. Lightly coat the connections with grease and re-attach the clamps.


Summer Projects
Carbide Flush Cutting Blade

Carbide Flush Cutting Blade cutting through rusted bolt

Tackle Your Summer Projects with the New Carbide Flush Cutting Blade

Cutting through tough surfaces just got easier with the new MM485 Carbide Flush Cutting Blade with Universal Quick-Fit! With its high-performance carbide teeth, the blade slices with ease through hardwood, nails, screws, ceramic tile, cement and more.

Want to see the blade in action? Head over to Dremel’s Max Performance Tested site and watch the blade crush its competition in head-to-head challenges.


Featured Projects
Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space with These Fun Summer Projects!

Create A Living Wall

Create A Living Wall

What better way to relax this summer than at fun family barbeques and backyard get-togethers with friends? Grab your Dremel tools to create an outdoor oasis that is sure to impress your friends and family.

How to: Create a Living Wall
Liven up your patio with a wall of fresh herbs and beautiful flowers.

Step-by-step Instructions
(for more detailed instructions and a list of required materials, click here)

  • Step 1: Measure and cut your cedar planks using your Dremel Saw-Max tool equipped with the SM600 Wood & Plastic Wheel
  • Create A Living Wall
  • Step 2: Miter cut the edges of your pieces using your Saw-Max tool, a SM600 flush cutting blade and a miter guide
  • Step 3: Miter cut the front edge of each side panel at a 90 degree angle
  • Step 4: Run a bead of wood glue along each of the joints of your wood and secure them with finishing nails
  • Step 5: Pre-drill the holes in your pieces using the Dremel 4200 and a 150 drill bit.
  • Step 6: Use your drill driver and wood screws to complete assembly of the planter box.

Create A Mosaic Table

Create A Mosaic Table

How to: Create a Mosaic Table
Add life and color to your outdoor patio with this colorful mosaic tabletop!

Step-by-step Instructions
(for more detailed instructions and a list of required materials, click here)
  • Step 1: Using a Rigid Scraper Blade MM600 on your Multi-Max MM20, remove any old finish on the tabletop.
  • Step 2: Using the Dremel Saw-Max and the SM520 Masonry Cutting Blade, slowly follow one of the pre-marked lines in the board.
  • Step 3: Trim the excess cement board around the edge of your table using the Moto-Saw and the Side Cutting Blade.
  • Create A Mosaic Table
  • Step 4: Lay out the tile design on top of your cement board. Use a grout float to apply adhesive to the top and sides of your cement board.
  • Step 5: Lay the tile along the edges and outer circumference, then begin filling in the center.
  • Step 6: Cut tile with the Dremel Rotary Tool and an EZ545 cutting wheel and fill in any existing gaps.
  • Step 7: Allow tiles to set overnight. Use a grout float to fill in all seams in between the tiles.
You can find more unique and handy projects at DremelWeekends.com.


Universal Quick Fit™ System
Show Us What You’ve Got!

Have you created something truly unique with your Dremel tools and you just can’t wait to share? Upload your projects to the Dremel Customer Creations Gallery for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue! Be sure to check out other projects, too, to see how other fans are using their tools!


Dremel Automotive Kit

Dremel Automotive Kit


Congratulations to the 5 winners of May/June’s giveaway who each received a Dremel Carbide Flush Cut Blade and Dust Blower accessory: James O’Hara from Sebastopol, CA.; Ted Rieder from Racine, WI.; Charles Kuehler from Saint Charles, MO.; Jackie Ramirez from Jackson, N.J.; Sherry Humble from Punxatawney, PA.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who submitted entries!

July Giveaway: Dremel Automotive Kit

Let us know how you’d like to revamp your ride with the Dremel Automotive Kit to be entered to win a Dremel Automotive Kit of your own! With your message, include your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and home phone number in the body of an email, with “Automotive Kit” in the subject line. We’ll pick five winners at random and announce them in the August newsletter!

*The 2013 e-Newsletter giveaway is open to U.S. consumers only.

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