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About the Issue
Summer is the season to get active and get outdoors, and in this month’s issue, we have a variety of different projects that are sure to get your creative wheels turning. From unique wedding décor to announcing Americans’ top projects this year, this month has a lot in store for fans of the Dremel® brand. Plus, be sure to share one summer activity you’re planning this season for a chance to win a new Dremel 4000!

Table of Contents 1   Feature Story
DIY Speech Bubbles Make Lasting Wedding Memories
  Table of Contents 4   Featured Project
Cleaning Rust Off of Patio Furniture and Other Metal Items
Table of Contents 2 What’s New at Dremel
‘Tackling America’s To­Do List’ with Chip Wade
Table of Contents 5 Giveaways/Promotions
Dremel 4000 Giveaway
Table of Contents 3 Getting to Know Your Tools
A Closer Look: 952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
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Feature Story
DIY Speech Bubbles Make Lasting Wedding Memories

Wedding guests pose with a message to newlyweds Andy and Jamie It’s officially wedding season, and DIY expert Gail Wilson has a project that is sure to be a hit at any summer celebration. For her daughter’s wedding, Wilson created unique chalkboard speech bubbles for guests to write messages on and pose with at a photo booth. Whether writing a message to the happy couple or a quirky thought from another person in the photo, these speech bubbles are a fun way to preserve wedding memories and take just a few simple materials to create.

To start, Wilson used her Dremel Trio™, a few pieces of luan (a material similar to plywood) and the appropriate safety gear to trace, cut and sand the shape of the bubbles. She suggests using a round object like a roll of tape to trace the corners of the bubbles. After marking the outline, Wilson cut the traced shape from the material using her Dremel Trio and a TR561 Trio Multi­Purpose Bit. From there, Wilson made a quick bit change to the TR445 Trio Sanding Band to sand the edge of the speech bubble for a clean look. After each bubble had been sanded, she coated each piece in chalkboard paint with a sponge applicator, and even suggests adding a knob to the back of each bubble so guests can hold on.

“The speech bubbles were a huge hit!” said Wilson. “Guests had a great time giving my daughter and her husband advice and congratulating them. Because they were so easy to make, I made 15 different bubbles so guests could write their well wishes while waiting in line to be photographed.”

Video Wilson’s daughter first saw the project online and immediately knew it would make a great addition to her reception. Although the shapes of the speech bubbles seemed like they might be tricky to tackle at first, Wilson said the Dremel Trio made cutting and sanding these shapes easier than ever.

“The Trio rounds corners so easily,” Wilson said. “It quickly cuts through the luan and even makes cutting out the ‘tail’ of the speech bubble a breeze!”

In addition to using her Dremel Trio for this project, Wilson can be found blogging her way through a variety of DIY endeavors on her blog, My Repurposed Life. Beginning her blog in 2009, Wilson has completed a wide array of decorating and home improvement projects, from a fireplace makeover to a decorative family rules sign. Although she’s only been blogging for two years, she says her passion for these projects began more than 25 years ago.

“It gives me great pleasure at the end of a perfect day when I can step back and admire something I have made with my own creativity and vision,” Wilson said.

For more of Wilson’s DIY adventures, visit her online.


What’s New at Dremel
‘Tackling America’s To­Do List’ with Chip Wade

HGTV's Chip Wade Did you know that more than two­thirds of American homeowners (67 percent) plan to tackle a home improvement project in 2011? Or that the No. 1 room homeowners would like to makeover this year is the kitchen?

This month, the Dremel brand is officially launching the “Tackling America’s To­Do List” campaign with HGTV star Chip Wade to tackle what a national survey revealed are among the top projects on Americans’ home improvement to­do lists this year. From a quick decorative fix to a much­needed restoration, Wade will lead Dremel fans through a series of online videos featuring the latest Dremel tools and easy home improvement solutions. Each month, a new video will be released on the Dremel Facebook Page featuring Wade’s expert advice on a variety of DIY projects, including installing base molding in a living room or bedroom, routing a groove in molding to hide cables and other wires, replacing broken bathroom floor tiles, smoothing out a weathered deck for re­staining or painting and adding a backsplash to a kitchen wall.

Other top results from the national survey include:
  • The No. 1 room homeowners would most like to update is the kitchen; however the bathroom tops the list as the No. 1 area consumers actually plan to renovate this year (36 percent)
  • Almost half of respondents shared that they take on projects primarily to improve the value of their homes (45 percent)
  • One third of respondents indicated they plan to take on projects due to a desire to change or freshen up décor (30 percent)
  • Most men surveyed would prefer to focus on projects that fix broken items (14 percent), while most women surveyed are more likely to choose projects that organize clutter (24 percent)
For the first video and insight into your next DIY project, visit the Dremel Facebook page, and be sure to tell us what projects are on top of your to­do list this year. Project steps for this video are also available at


Getting to Know Your Tools
A Closer Look: 952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone

952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone Dremel rotary tools are often used to remove unwanted materials on a variety of surfaces. When doing so for an extended period of time, the 952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone is a great accessory for sharpening, deburring and grinding for a wide variety of purposes including sharpening hedge trimmers and lawn mower blades as well as cleaning gardening equipment. Its conic design allows users to work on sphere­shaped areas and fit into difficult spaces. While grinding is often a high­speed application, we recommend slower speeds for better control when working on equipment or objects with sharp edges. It also features a high­quality, industrial abrasive material that can clean and refresh metal, castings, welded joints, rivets or rust, making it a must­have accessory in any garage.

Still have questions? Contact the Dremel Experts at (800) 437­3635 Monday through Friday between 7a.m. and 6p.m. CST, or send us an email.


Featured Project
Cleaning Rust Off of Patio Furniture and Other Metal Items

Cleaning Rust Video Summer is officially here and spending time outside is a must. Yet after surviving a harsh winter full of the elements, your outdoor metal patio furniture, stair rails and other metal fixtures may appear rusted. Using a Dremel rotary tool, such as the Dremel 4000, and grinding/polishing accessories, you can easily remove rust or paint, making your outdoor metal work look brand new. In addition to removing rust from metal patio furniture or stair rails, you can also use the steps below to remove unwanted build up from other surfaces such as a metal fence, outdoor game equipment, garden tools and decorations and much more, allowing you to relax and enjoy spending time outside during the warmer months.

Step 1: Attach the 428 Carbon Steel Brush to Dremel rotary tool. Power the tool on and slowly increase the tool’s speed. Do not run the tool in excess of 15,000 rpm.

Step 2: Make contact with metal, working tool in a circular motion to remove rust.

Step 3: After removing built up rust, replace the 428 Carbon Steel Brush with the 952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone to grind deep corrosion and rust down to bare metal.

Step 4: Should there still be sharp burs present on the metal, use the 425 Emery Impregnated Polishing Wheel to remove. The object is now ready to prime and paint, if desired.

To view a video demonstration of the project, click here. For other project videos, visit the Video Projects page on the Dremel website.


Dremel 4000 Giveaway

Dremel 4000 Our “America’s To­Do List” campaign survey told us what home improvement projects Americans are hoping to complete this year, but we’d also like to know what non­home improvement activities might be on your to­do list this summer. Whether it’s a special vacation with family or riding that rollercoaster you’ve always dreaded, we’d love to hear what you’re planning! Send us your one­sentence answer in the body of an e­mail along with your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and home phone number with “Summer Activity” in the subject line. We’ll pick five winners at random to receive a new Dremel 4000 and announce their names next month.


Congratulations to our five lucky eNewsletter readers who won May’s Corded Dremel Multi­Max Giveaway: Brigid Shore of Yardley, PA; Steve Woodruff of Stockton, CA; Aaron James of Knoxville, TN; Kimberly Kapinski of Royal Oak, MI; and Oliver Wolf of Forest Hills, NY. In last month’s issue, we asked Dremel fans to describe their all­time favorite activity with the father in their life. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!

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