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About the Issue
Summer is officially upon us, and this month we’re celebrating dads and making the most of our time in the sun! With two new accessories and a great outdoor entertaining project, you’ll be ready for summer.

Table of Contents 1   Feature Story
Spotlight on Dads With Shanty-2-Chic
  Table of Contents 4   Featured Project
Backyard Party: Build an Outdoor Bar
Table of Contents 2 What’s New at Dremel
The MM435 Drywall Jab Saw and the MM430 Multi-Max™ Multi-Knife
Table of Contents 5 Giveaways/Promotions
Dremel Multi-Max™ MM20
Table of Contents 3 Getting to Know Your Tools
EZ686-01 EZ Lock™ / EZ Drum™ Kit
Table of Contents 5 DIY Projects
Dremel Weekends
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Feature Story
Spotlight on Dads With Shanty-2-Chic

Robby Anderson
Robby Anderson

Shanty-2-Chic demonstrates how to use your Dremel tool for some fun DIY projects.

The month of June is a time to reflect on how our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and any other fatherly figures have inspired us to become who we are. We asked friends of Dremel, sisters and blogging partners Whitney and Ashley of the Shanty-2-Chic blog how their own father has been a source of inspiration for their creativity and extremely popular DIY projects.

“(Our dad) built Whitney’s current home, and he is always on call for us when we have a DIY dilemma,” the sisters said. “He taught us how to use our miter saws, and we took off from there! He definitely has his own share of projects, but is constantly giving us advice on our projects. From helping us on odd angles to giving us tips on our tools, his advice is invaluable.”

Dads can sometimes be difficult to shop for. When asked how they’ve celebrated Father’s Day for their dad over the years, Whitney and Ashley said one year their family all pitched in and gave him the Dremel 4000 (which they often borrow). They also love creating photo blocks and other fun “guy gifts” for him as well.

A Dremel tool contains four features many of us also see and love in our own father figures: value, leadership, innovation and versatility. Whether he is the family leader or is able to roll with the punches in any situation, it’s no mystery why dads can relate to the Dremel brand.

“Our dad is probably the most innovative person we know,” say Whitney and Ashley. “He can truly fix anything, and the ideas he uses to fix them are often amusing and definitely innovative! He is a jack-of-all-trades and we consider his DIY wisdom priceless!”

For more inspiration and to see Whitney and Ashley’s work with Dremel, like these great Saw-Max and Trio projects, please visit Shanty-2-chic.com.


What’s New at Dremel
The MM435 Drywall Jab Saw and the MM430 Multi-Max Multi-Knife

8100 Cordless 8VMax Variable-Speed Rotary Tool

Dremel MM435 Drywall Jab Saw

8220 Cordless 12VMax High-Performance Rotary Tool

Dremel MM430 Multi-Knife

At Dremel we pride ourselves in introducing you to the most innovative products on the market, and we’re excited to present two brand new accessories in this issue! The Dremel MM435 Drywall Jab Saw features an offset mounting hole pattern that provides an optimal angle for cutting, while the sharpened tip allows users to easily plunge into drywall, and the Dremel MM430 Multi-Knife has the functionality of a utility knife, except with power and speed. Whether using the Multi-Knife to cut carpet and insulation, or the Drywall Jab Saw to install recessed lighting and electrical outlets, these durable accessories efficiently cut a variety of materials.

Dremel MM435 Drywall Jab Saw
  • Offers the superior solution for making both straight and curved cuts in drywall while using a Multi-Max oscillating tool and is ideal for cutting out electrical boxes and recessed lighting.
  • The teeth of the saw extend further away from the pivot point of the oscillating tool, as compared to the typical half-moon shaped drywall blade. This function makes the speed of cut significantly faster.
  • Cuts faster than other oscillating drywall blades and is the only oscillating blade that makes both straight and curved cuts in drywall.

Dremel MM430 Multi-Knife
  • Features two cutting edges on one accessory with an inside-facing edge designed for cuts requiring a pulling motion and the outside-facing edge is designed for cuts requiring a pushing motion. These dual edges allow users to cut in either direction as the situation requires.
  • Designed to cut carpet, vinyl, boxes, shingles, foam, insulation and plastic.
  • Allows users to hold the material while cutting, and is able to make quick cuts on a variety of difficult-to-cut, flexible materials.


Getting to Know Your Tools
EZ686-01 EZ Lock™ / EZ Drum™ Kit

VersaTip Multipurpose Tool

EZ686-01 EZ Lock™ / EZ Drum™ Kit

Whether you call it a patio, porch or portico, speed up your summer sanding and grinding jobs with the Dremel EZ686-01 EZ Lock™ / EZ Drum™ Kit. The 18-piece kit features a variety of sanding and grinding accessories for numerous applications, including six sanding discs, one grinding wheel, two grinding stones, six sanding bands, and one abrasive buff. The kit also includes EZ Lock and EZ Drum mandrels, which means faster accessory changes so you can finish your project quickly and easily. For more details on the EZ Lock / EZ Drum Kit, visit Dremel.com.

Dremel EZ686-01 EZ Lock / EZ Drum Kit:
  • EZ Lock mandrel and EZ Drum mandrel for faster accessory changes
  • Reusable storage box
  • Application and material usage information included
The kit includes:
  • EZ407SA EZ Drum mandrel
  • EZ402 Mandrel
  • EZ411SA EZ Lock sanding discs, 180 grit (2)
  • EZ412SA EZ Lock sanding discs, 220 grit (2)
  • EZ413SA EZ Lock sanding discs, 240 grit (2)
  • EZ451GR EZ Lock grinding wheel
  • 84922 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone
  • 952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
  • 408 1/2" 60 Grit Sanding Band (3)
  • 432 1/2" 120 Grit Sanding Band (3)
  • 511E 180 Grit Abrasive Buff


Featured Project
Backyard Party: Build an Outdoor Bar

‘Tis the season for relaxing outdoors, Fourth of July barbecues and refreshments on ice. Summer has arrived and is in full swing.

If you’re looking for ways to up the ante on your backyard entertaining this summer, an outdoor bar may be the perfect addition to your patio or yard. While the idea of building it yourself may seem daunting, with the right tools and Dremel’s step-by-step plans, you’ll be serving up summer fun in no time.


To build the bar, here are the tools and supplies we suggest: Once you’re ready to get started, you’ll find printable instructions, a project blueprint and cut lists on Dremel Weekends. Each step includes thorough instructions and visuals to help build and finish an outdoor bar so you can savor the outdoors this summer with friends and neighbors.

Also this month on Dremel Weekends, we’re sharing other backyard project ideas such as making a personal fireplace, building a bag toss game and much more. If you’ve tackled a backyard project this summer using your Dremel tools, we’d love to see it. Please email us or share it on our Facebook page.

Happy summer entertaining!

We love to see finished projects! Share photos with us via Facebook.


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Dremel Multi-Max MM20


The Dremel Multi-Max MM20

Just like Dads, the Dremel Multi-Max is versatile and reliable, able to tackle a variety of challenges with confidence and ease. In honor of Father’s Day this month, we’re giving away five Dremel Multi-Max MM20 tools. To enter, send us an email briefly describing a memorable moment when you completed a project with your father, or your children. With your brief story, include your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and home phone number in the body of an email with “Multi-Max” in the subject line. We’ll pick the winners at random and announce them in the July newsletter.


The five winners of May’s giveaway who will receive a VersaTip 1550 are Roger Chatterton, Monroe, Wash.; Barbara Sargent, Blue Hill, Maine; James Bryant, Apopka, Fla.; Chrissy Jensen, Des Moines, Iowa; and Christopher Knapp, Watertown, N.Y.

Thanks to all who submitted entries!

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Did you know it pays to register your Dremel product? Just ask Robert Roberts of New Hampshire and Joanne D’Amico of California, who won a Dremel Tool and Accessory Package valued at $500 in the 2011 Dremel Product Registration Sweepstakes. Protect your investment in Dremel tools. Simply click here to register your tools and you will automatically be entered into this year’s sweepstakes.

The 2012 Dremel Product Registration Sweepstakes and eNewsletter giveaway is open to U.S. consumers only.


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