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As spring begins to emerge, it’s a great time to extend spring cleaning to your tool box, try your hand at a new project and freshen up worn possessions with the help of Dremel tools.

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Antique Restorer Uses Dremel Tools to Breathe New Life into Old Furniture

For more than 18 years, Mel Miller of Rochester, NY, has been
restoring and refinishing antique furniture. It’s become his life,
hobby and business.

Working primarily with furniture from the 1700s and 1800s, Miller has handled a variety of different projects and tasks such as sanding, shaping and repairing cracks. And, he thanks the Dremel brand for helping with a lot of that work.

“Every day I work on antique furniture, and I use Dremel tools for a number of parts of the restoration process,” Miller said. “My workspace is limited and it’s difficult to spread out, so the versatility and compact nature of Dremel tools has been extremely helpful.”

Miller’s most recent project involved fixing a cherry drop-leaf table (ca. 1875) with two cracks located on the top. Using a variety of Dremel tools, he restored the table by cutting and placing a bow-tie insert into the wood and securing it with glue. According to Miller, this is the best way to fix a tabletop
with a crack.

One of Miller’s favorite tools for this project is the Dremel Variable Speed MultiPro Rotary Tool. He uses a straight cutting bit to cut the bowtie outlines in the wood. Miller also finds Dremel cordless rotary tools to be useful in places where he needs to make a quick notch, clean out a carved area, or sand or shape a filled in area.

“It’s important for my tools to be small and easy to handle,” Miller said. “Dremel tools are great for quick repairs in tight spaces and delicate situations.”

Click on the image above to watch Miller’s feedback on his favorite Dremel products, including the 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment, 231 Shaper/Router Table, 9673 Deluxe Window Storage Case and 7.2-Volt Cordless Multi-Pro rotary tool.

Click on the image above for a video demo from Miller showing step-by-step instructions for using bowties to fix a tabletop crack.

Featured Project – Create a Cut Egg Decoration

Make a festive, delicate spring decoration out of eggs, a symbol of new life. All you’ll need is craft glue, a pin, a pencil, a Dremel rotary tool, the 225 Flex Shaft Attachment, 106 Engraving Cutter, 111 Engraving Cutter and
545 Diamond Wheel

Step 1: Start by piercing both ends of an extra large egg with a pin. Blow contents out of the egg. Wash and rinse the egg in warm water and set aside to dry.

Step 2: Use a pencil to lightly draw lines or a design on
the egg.

Step 3: Use the 545 Diamond Wheel when cutting out large sections of the egg. Use the 111 Engraving Cutter for small cuts and the 106 Engraving Cutter for making small holes. For very fine cuts, score the egg with the 106 Engraving Cutter, then cut through the score with the 111 Engraving Cutter. Recommended speed: 20,000 rotations per minute.

Step 4: Glue beads, ribbon or images to the egg to add a decorative finishing touch. Also consider applying a painted finish.

Expert Advice – Spring Cleaning Your Dremel Rotary Tools

As you’re dusting and scrubbing your house as part of the annual spring cleaning ritual, now is also a good time to ensure your Dremel rotary tools are performing up to snuff. Performing regular maintenance will extend the life of your tools and keep them running at peak performance levels.

Clean Rotary Tools
Clean your rotary tool with compressed air after it has been used on a particularly dirty project where sawdust or other debris may have entered the tool body. To do this, use the hose from an air compressor or a can of compressed air to blow out any dust from inside the tool. With the tool unplugged and wearing eye protection, blow air into each of the vent openings on the tool. Next, rotate the tool’s output shaft a half turn and blow air through the vents again. Turning the shaft helps expose any debris that may have been blocked by the tool’s internal components and permits it to exit the tool the second time the tool has air blown through it. Do not attempt to clean the tool by inserting pointed objects through openings. Always wear safety goggles when using compressed air. There is no need to Videolubricate Dremel rotary tools. Certain cleaning agents and solvents willdamage plastic parts.Do not use: gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, chlorinated cleaning solvents, ammonia and household detergents that contain ammonia. Clean the “soft grip” areas of the tool using a damp cloth. Tougher soiled areas may require more than one wipe application to get clean.

Check and Change Rotary Tool Brushes
To maintain peak efficiency of rotary tool motors, it’s important to examine tool brushes for wear every 40 – 50 hours, or if the tool runs erratically, loses power or makes unusual noises. Using the tool with worn brushes will permanently damage the motor.

Follow these steps to check and change rotary tool brushes:
1. With the power cord unplugged, place the tool on a clean surface. Use the tool wrench
    as a screwdriver to remove the brush caps in a counter-clockwise direction.
2. Remove the brushes from the tool by pulling on the spring that is attached to the carbon
    brush. If the brush is less than 1/8-inch long and the surface of the brush that touches the
    commutator is rough or pitted, the carbon brushes should be replaced. Be sure to check
    both brushes.
3. If one brush is worn, you should replace both brushes for better performance of your rotary
    tool. Use only Dremel replacement brushes. Remove the spring from the brush, throw
    away the old brush and place the spring on a new brush.
4. Place the carbon brush and spring back into the tool; there is only one way the brush
    will fit back into the tool.
5. Replace the brush caps onto the tool by turning the cap in a clockwise direction.
    To tighten, use the wrench, but do not over tighten!

After replacing the brushes, the tool should be run at full speed for 5 minutes before loading (or using) the tool. This will allow the brushes to “seat” properly and will give you more hours of life from each set of brushes. This will also extend the life of your tool since the commutator surface will also wear better and longer.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Dremel Experts via e-mail or 800.437.3635. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.

Dremel News

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Congratulations to this month’s five tool winners. They were picked from our pool of Dremel eNewsletter Reader Satisfaction Survey respondents and got their pick of either a Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool System or Dremel 300 Series Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit and Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment. The winners were: Tom Stephens, Branchport, NY; David King, Utica, KY; Joyce Parsons, Franklin Park, NJ; Joesph Dovi, Lake Grove, NY; and Ronald Pfeiffer, Fenton, MO.

Tool Talk

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Stay tuned for more Dremel news this year!

Safety reminder: When working with Dremel brand or any other power tool, always wear eye protection and a dust mask, and read and understand the owner’s manual prior to using.