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Spring is a time for new things and with the change of seasons just around the corner, the Dremel® brand is offering some fresh ideas. This month, we’re sharing project instructions from our second place “30 Minute Miracles” Contest winner to help you add curb appeal to your home. We’re also giving our eNewsletter readers a sneak peak at the new, cordless Dremel 8200 rotary tool and new Super Accessory Kit, and providing expert advice on the expanded applications for the Dremel EZ Lock™ Mandrel System. offers great product information and project tips. For more project ideas, information and expert advice, talk with other Dremel users on the Dremel Message Board.
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Feature — “30 Minute Miracles” Contest Winner

This month, we’re sharing more simple and affordable home improvement project ideas by introducing you to the second place winner in our “30 Minute Miracles” Contest. Wendy Ballog of Parma, Ohio, used a Dremel rotary tool to add curb appeal to her home by engraving her address into a large sandstone rock on her front lawn.

“It looks like I had it professionally made,” said Ballog. “When people ask me where I had it made and I tell them I did it myself with my Dremel rotary tool, they just can’t believe it.”

Ballog’s sandstone address carving is a simple and affordable way to spruce up your landscaping this spring. Here’s how she did it:

Ballog first bought sandstone from her local garden center. Then, on her home computer, she created a stencil by printing her address in the font and size she wanted to engrave. She cut the characters out of the printed page.

Next, Ballog taped her homemade stencil to the sandstone rock and traced her address onto the sandstone with a pencil. She then attached a 9910 Tungsten Carbide Cutter accessory to her Dremel 300 Series rotary tool and gently held the tool to the rock, grinding out her address.

Ballog perfected her engraving by using a 7134 Diamond Wheel Point accessory and her Dremel 300 Series rotary tool to touch up areas that needed fine detailing. Her end result was a professional quality lawn decoration that continues draw compliments – a true “30 Minute Miracle” that certainly caught our attention.

When we notified Ballog that she was a contest winner, she couldn’t believe it. “I entered the contest because I get so many compliments on my address stone, but I never thought I’d win,” she said. “It just goes to show that Dremel makes DIY projects easy for anyone to complete.”

For more “30 Minute Miracles” project instructions, click here.
Featured Products — Dremel 8200 and Super Accessory Kit

This spring, the Dremel brand is unplugging high–performance corded rotary tool technology and for the first time, making it portable in the new Dremel 8200 cordless rotary tool. The tool combines the best of both worlds – the performance of a corded tool and the convenience and flexibility of a cordless tool – making it ideal for outdoor or on–the–go projects that require cutting, sanding, grinding, carving, engraving, routing, cleaning, polishing and more. It’s the brand’s most versatile and highest performing cordless tool yet, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

709 accessoriesBe sure to visit the Dremel Web site for a sneak peek of this new tool, which launches in April at most hardware stores and home improvement centers nationwide, and check back for more information and chance to win a Dremel 8200 in the April eNewsletter.

But that’s not all… we’re also happy to introduce you to the new 709–01 Super Accessory Kit. The new kit includes 110 genuine Dremel accessories to accomplish most any job. The do–it–all kit includes everything you need to cut, sand, grind, sharpen, polish, clean and carve in a convenient, wall–hanging case. The Super Accessory Kit will be available in stores April 1 for a suggested retail price of $19.99 – a savings of more than $60 over purchasing the individual accessories separately.
Expert Advice — EZ Lock Mandrel System

EZ Lock accessories first debuted as a revolutionary way to reinforce cut–off wheels and make accessory changes as easy as pull, twist and release. However, over the years, the popular EZ Lock Mandrel System has expanded beyond standard cutting applications to include sanding, polishing and cutting floor tile. Now, using the EZ Lock Mandrel System allows you to save time and increase productivity when changing a variety of accessories.

For sanding, you can use the EZ Lock Mandrel System with EZ471SA Detail Abrasive Brushes or 511E EZ Lock Detail Abrasive Buffs. These accessories are the perfect fit for jobs like refinishing furniture, cleaning grills, removing paint, tarnish and more.

To polish, use the 423E EZ Lock Polishing Cloth Wheel. This accessory can be used with the EZ Lock Mandrel System for applications such as polishing silverware, car detailing and restoring door and window hardware.

If you have questions about the expanded EZ Lock System, please contact the Dremel Experts via e–mail or 800.437.3635. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.

Dremel News

Dremel 4000 eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey
Attention eNewsletter readers! Since we value your opinions, we’d love to get your feedback on the eNewsletter. If you didn’t take the survey last month, click here to take the 2010 eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey. It takes less than six minutes to complete and it will definitely be worth your while: All respondents will have a chance to win a new tool set of their choice. Five winners, chosen from a random drawing, will have their pick of either a Dremel Multi–Max™ Oscillating Tool System or a Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kit. P.S. Congratulations to Robert Weber, Jack Bornstein, Clement D’Andrade, Ellen Hunt and JB Baxter, last month’s winners, who received their choice of a new Dremel 4000 or Dremel Multi–Max for sharing their input. For those of you who already took the survey, we appreciate your input and will not need you to complete it again.

Detailer’s Grip and Sanding/Grinding Guide Attachments
Now Available

Good news for those of you interested in trying the new A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment and A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide™, which debuted in Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kits last fall – both are now available as stand–alone products. The handy Detailer’s Grip can be used on any rotary tool with a threaded nose piece and enables the addition of a pistol grip to the tool, which facilitates added control for precise applications. The Sanding/Grinding Guide improves precision and control on a variety of tasks by allowing users to guide a work piece to a securely mounted rotary tool or guide the tool along the edge of a flat or beveled surface. Both are available now at most hardware stores and home improvement centers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $15.99 (Detailer’s Grip) and $14.99 (Sanding/Grinding Guide).

Share Your Project Ideas
Are you a creative crafter or do–it–yourself enthusiast? We’re looking for exceptional project ideas from real Dremel users to include in our eNewsletter feature articles. Email your project ideas and pictures if you’d like to be considered for an upcoming eNewsletter feature. Don’t be bashful!

Safety reminder: When working with Dremel brand or any other power tool, always wear eye protection and a dust mask, and read and understand the owner’s manual prior to using.

Stay tuned for more Dremel news this year!

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