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While it may not always feel like it, March marks the official start of spring with longer daytime hours and warming temps. This month, we’re sharing a unique outdoor project idea, a new oscillating accessory and are also inviting you to share your feedback on the Dremel® eNewsletter in our annual eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey. Don’t miss out on your chance to win a new tool kit of your choice for participating.

Table of Contents 1   Feature Story
The Tree Transformer
  Table of Contents 4   Featured Project
eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey
Table of Contents 2 What’s New at Dremel
New Oscillating Accessory: MM460 Wood Flush Cut Blade
Table of Contents 5 Giveaways/Promotions
Tool Kit of Your Choice Giveaway
Table of Contents 3  Getting to Know Your Tools
Getting More Flexibility from Your Rotary Tools
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Feature Story
The Tree Transformer

Lueb popoff's Bird Sculpture Demo If you’ve ever had a pesky stump in your front yard from a tree that met an early death, Lueb Popoff would have been the one to call. Popoff has been turning eyesores such as dead or dilapidated trees up to 10.5 feet high into art with his chainsaw and Dremel rotary tools for more than ten years and now makes a living doing it.

Popoff, a full-time carver and Boulder, Colo., resident, carves trees onsite for people who prefer an interesting sculpture as opposed to an unsightly stump in their front yards. He also carves other commissioned pieces such as table top art and song birds.

His inspiration for carving various creatures found in nature is the result of his deep respect for the environment. As a registered tree farmer, Popoff has worked for many years practicing ecosystem management and maintaining his wilderness landscape. And as a forestry artist, Popoff uses his carvings to promote environmental awareness.

“There is nothing more gratifying than to watch one of nature’s little wonders, such as a song bird, emerge from a block of wood,” said Popoff. “My Dremel tools are essential for refining my rough carvings into highly–detailed work; I can’t finish a piece without them.”

Each carving typically begins with a chainsaw to rough out the object’s basic shape. Next, Popoff uses a grinder to carve more specific curves, making the intent for the final sculpture clear. Dremel rotary tools are then used to bring the carving to life and do all of the final shaping, detailing and texturing. The whole process can take anywhere from one day to three full weeks.

Popoff uses two different Dremel rotary tool models, including the Dremel 395–75 75th Anniversary and the Dremel 300 Series Variable Speed. A wide range of accessories and attachments are also used to add character and flair to each project such as barrel cutters, stone cutters (for feathering the birds) and sanding drum mandrels.

“In order to do a detailed job, I needed a tool that was adaptable,” said Popoff. “The Dremel line is light–weight and easy to handle, making it essential to my work, whether I’m on site or in the shop.” His first Dremel tool was purchased in 1999 after his wife saw an advertisement on late night TV and knew it was exactly what Popoff needed. Not only does he still have the tool, but he regularly relies on it to get the job done.

Popoff, who completes an estimated 80 carvings a year, works with a wide variety of woods including walnut, cherry, maple, Russian olive, elm, poplar and ash. He sells his work at a local farmer’s market and also through his website,


What’s New at Dremel
MM460 New Oscillating Accessory:
MM460 Wood Flush Cut Blade

This month, Dremel launches a new oscillating accessory that allows users to make wider plunge cuts in wood, drywall and plastic with the corded or cordless Dremel Multi–Max™. The MM460 Wood Flush Cut Blade will make cutting doorjambs and baseboards for flooring installation quicker than ever. It makes precise plunge cuts 1–1/8–inch wide and up to 1–1/4–inch deep. Featuring the Dremel brand’s patented Quick Fit™ design for fast accessory changes, it can also be used on other brands of oscillating tools with the MM300 Dremel Multi–Max Universal Adapter™. The MM460 Wood Flush Cut Blade retails for $15.99 at hardware stores and home improvement centers nationwide.


Getting to Know Your Tools
Getting More Flexibility
from Your Rotary Tools

Flex Shaft Attachment While Dremel rotary tools are known for their compact size, sometimes users need a little extra help getting into tight spots, nooks and corners. Luckily, Dremel offers two ideal attachments designed to give rotary tools the extra bit of flexibility that is sometimes needed.

The 225–01 Flex Shaft Attachment easily attaches to the end of all variable speed rotary tools and provides a flexible, 36–inch cable between your tool and a thin comfort grip hand–piece that houses the bit you’re working with. The cable offers a 5–inch bend radius and facilitates fingertip control for polishing, woodcarving, sanding, engraving and more.

Right Angle Attachment The 575 Right Angle Attachment allows users to conquer odd angles, tight spaces and hard–to–reach areas where their rotary tools could previously not fit. It attaches easily to all variable speed rotary tools and can be easily rotated on the tool to achieve a perfect grip.

Still have questions? Contact the Dremel Experts at (800) 437–3635 Monday through Friday between 7a.m. and 6p.m. CST, or send us an e–mail.


Featured Project
eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey

Dremel Survey Calling all eNewsletter readers–we want your feedback! What do you like about the eNewsletter? What don’t you like? What do you want to read about this year? Now’s your chance to help us shape our upcoming issues and deliver an eNewsletter that best suits your needs. Click here to share your feedback via the 2011 eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and is well–worth your time. As a thank you, we’ll enter the names of all respondents into a drawing for a new tool set of your choice. Five winners, chosen at random, will have their choice of a 6800–01 Dremel Trio™ Tool Kit, 8300–01 Dremel Multi–Max Cordless Kit or 8200–2/28 12VMax Lithium–ion Cordless Rotary Tool Kit.


Stylus Giveaways/Promotions

Congratulations to our five lucky eNewsletter readers who get to experience the new Dremel Stylus™ with 12 percent longer run time. Our winners are Daniel Lynch, Newport Beach, CA; Aimee Miter, San Diego, CA; Erik Larson, Calhoun, TX; Anne Higgins, Wilmington, NC and Elaine Duff, Conover, NC. Be sure to take the 2011 eNewsletter Satisfaction Survey for your chance to win a new tool kit this month.

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