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About the Issue
Did you know March is National Craft Month? To celebrate our love of crafts, we’re introducing you to new projects and tools that will make crafts and spring home improvement faster and easier. Last month, we introduced you to the Dremel Moto-Saw™. Read on for a fun craft your kids will love and for a chance to win your very own Dremel Moto-Saw tool kit.

Table of Contents 1   Get Inspired
March is National Craft Month
  Table of Contents 4   New! Value-Packed Kits
Introducing: Value-Packed, Versatile Oscillating Kits
Table of Contents 2 What’s New at Dremel
Our New Products Help Check Off Your To-Do List!
Table of Contents 5 Promotions/Giveaways
Dremel Moto-Saw Kit
Table of Contents 3 Featured Projects
Up-Cycling Antiques


Get Inspired
Dremel Moto-saw

Snake Puzzle

Create a snake puzzle with the Dremel Moto-Saw

March is National Craft Month

Summon your paint supplies, sandpaper and imagination to try this fun yet simple project, inspired by the Dremel Moto-Saw! This Snake Puzzle will amuse your little ones or grandkids all afternoon. Let them get in on the fun by helping paint and decorate the puzzle with you. Once you’ve given the snake puzzle a try, get creative with your own critter puzzles and the Dremel Moto-Saw.

Materials You’ll Need:
  • Half-inch medium-density fiberboard
  • Multiple color paint set
  • Sandpaper
  • Protective eyewear
Step-By-Step Instructions:
  • Step 1: Decide how many puzzle pieces you’d like to create and draw lines indicating where to cut, then draw or trace your design on the Medium Density Fiberboard.
  • Step 2: Use the MS51 Wood & Plastic blade to cut out the outer coil of your snake puzzle.
  • Step 3: Cut the snake’s segments using the MS52 Fine Wood Blade.
  • Step 4: When finished cutting, sand the edges of the puzzle and clean off any dust or debris.
  • Step 5: Paint and decorate the segments with colors and craft supplies to create your own design.
Create your own puzzles and shapes and let us know on Facebook how they turned out, or tell us about your favorite Dremel crafts. For more crafty projects, like how to make your own cork board message center, spice rack and wall art, check out the Moto-Saw Inspiration Book and DremelWeekends.com.


What’s New at Dremel
Dremel Dust Blower

Dremel Dust Blower

Saw-Max Crown Molding Cutting Guide

Saw-Max Crown Molding Cutting Guide

Our New Products Help Check Off Your To-Do List!

It’s about time to start your first spring projects of the year. To help you, we are expanding our rotary and Saw-Max™ tool lines with two brand new introductions. These two products will save time and help check off your to-do list seamlessly.

Dremel Dust Blower
Have a spring sanding project in mind? Attach the Dremel Dust Blower to your rotary tool to keep your line of sight clear during messy projects.
  • Blows dust away for greater visibility of the work piece
  • Great for sanding, engraving, and carving
  • Also fits the 225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment
  • Fits on all rotary tools with a standard collet nut (except 4200)
  • Always handy because it’s always on the tool
Saw-Max Crown Molding Cutting Guide
Crown moldings are the perfect enhancement to add warmth and beauty to a room, but not all walls are exactly square so it may be necessary to cut the pieces of crown molding at an odd angle for the moldings to fit together properly. The Crown Molding Guide is the portable, compact solution for cutting standard crown molding using your Dremel Saw-Max tool.
  • Portable and compact solution for cutting standard 52/38 crown molding up to 9/16" thick
  • Four clearly marked cutting areas to help make complicated cuts easy
  • Clear line of sight showing exactly where the cut will be in the material

Featured Projects
Up-Cycling Antiques

Create an antique charging station your gadgets

Create an antique charging station your gadgets

With all the mobile devices we use comes an unattractive tangle of charger cords, littering our desks and walls. Clear the tech clutter by crafting a unique and stylish charging station for all of your gadgets. Grab that antique chest full of odds and ends, and finally put it to use!

Materials You’ll Need:
  • Pegboard
  • Scrap Trim
  • Gluegun
  • Box
Step by Step Instructions (click for more detail):
  • Step 1: Measure the interior dimensions of your chest. This will determine the size of your charging platform.
  • Step 2: On your pegboard, mark your lines of cut based on the dimensions we took in step one. Then, with the pegboard clamped to your work station, use the Dremel SM20 Saw-Max™ equipped with an SM500 Wood & Plastic Blade to cut along your marked lines.
  • Step 3: Remember to follow the line of your cut using the notch at the front of the tool.
  • Step 4: Use your Dremel 4200 rotary tool to sand out notches for each of the cords you’ll be placing in the station.
  • Step 5: Use your Dremel Saw-Max SM20 to cut four small pieces of trim which will serve as a ledge on which you’ll set your station platform.
  • Step 6: Using a glue gun, set one cut-out piece from step 4 into each of the four corners of your box. Measure as you go, ensuring you are setting them at equal height within your box.
  • Step 7: Use your 4200 tool to cut out an area in the back of your box through which you can feed your extension cord. Make four connected cuts to create a cut-out for the cord.
  • Step 8: Feed your cord through to the power strip with each of your devices chargers plugged in.
  • Step 9: Finally, set your platform on top of the ledges you cut out, fitting the charger cords into the grooves you notched out.
You can find more unique and handy projects like this one at DremelWeekends.com!


New! Value-Packed Kits
MM485 Carbide Flush Cutting Blade

Introducing: Value-Packed, Versatile Oscillating Kits

The new Multi-Max™ MM20 Ultimate Tool Kit and the new Multi-Max MM40 Ultimate Tool Kit both offer 29 accessories. With a retail value of over $200, these kits are the most versatile yet, and also include the recently launched MM485 Carbide Flush Cutting Blade. These kits have everything you need to cut through tough materials, sand, remove grout and scrape!

MM40 kit


Dremel Moto-Saw

Dremel Saw-Max

February Giveaway Winners

The 5 winners of February’s giveaway who will receive a Dremel Saw-Max are Mike Rapolas, Winter Haven, FL; Michael Stouffer, Phoenix, AZ; Jim Kunkle, Moontownship, PA; Jason Blodgett, Manchester, NH; and Tony Saulmon, Sea Level, NC.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who submitted entries!

March Giveaway: Dremel Moto-Saw Kit

Dremel Moto-Saw Kit

Dremel Moto-Saw Kit

Here’s your chance to win a Dremel Moto-Saw Kit of your own! To help celebrate National Craft Month, send us an email about a creative project you’d like to complete with the Dremel Moto-Saw. With your message, include your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and home phone number in the body of an email, with “Dremel Moto-Saw” in the subject line.

Congratulations 2012 Product Registration Winners!

Did you know it pays to register your Dremel product? Just ask Charles Conley of Pleasanton, KS and Daniel St. Jacques of East Branch, NY, who each won a Dremel Tool and Accessory Package valued at $500 in the 2012 Dremel Product Registration Sweepstakes. Protect your investment in Dremel tools. Simply click here to register your tools and you will automatically be entered into this year’s sweepstakes.

*The 2013 e-Newsletter giveaway is open to U.S. consumers only.

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