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About the Issue
From creative ideas for DIY gifts made with Dremel® rotary tools, to instructions for updating your kitchen décor using the new Dremel Multi-Max™ MM40 and an intro to our specialty cutting blades for the Dremel Saw-Max™, this issue is jam-packed with helpful tips and advice for putting all of your Dremel tools to use. And if a Dremel tool is on your holiday wish-list this year, be sure to join our Twitter chat Dec. 1 for a chance to win one and enter this month’s Dremel 3000 giveaway below.

Table of Contents 2   What’s New at Dremel
Chat with Chip Wade
  Table of Contents 4   Featured Project
Turn a Wooden Cabinet Into a Glass-Front Cabinet with the MM40
Table of Contents 3 Getting to Know Your Tools
Dremel Saw-Max Accessories and Applications: Part 2
Table of Contents 5 Giveaways/Promotions
Dremel 3000 Giveaway


What’s New at Dremel
Chat with Chip Wade

Chip Wade

Chip Wade will chat live with Dremel fans on Dec. 1

Dremel and Lowe's Pinewood Derby Days

Dremel and Lowe’s present Pinewood Derby Days

On Dec. 1, we’re giving you the chance to chat live with Chip Wade, expert craftsman and national TV host. From 6:30p.m. – 7:30p.m. CST, follow the @Dremel and @ChipWade Twitter handles and #DremelDIY hashtag to learn expert advice for tackling your home improvement to-dos, win great Dremel prizes and get answers to any question you’d like to ask.

Coming Soon: Dremel and Lowe’s® Pinewood
Derby® Days

Mark your calendars – Dremel and Lowe’s Pinewood Derby Days are coming soon to a Lowe’s store near you! The clinics, designed to help Pinewood Derby enthusiasts build the ultimate race car, will be held at all Lowe’s stores nationwide on Jan. 7, Jan. 21, Feb. 4 and Feb. 18 from 11a.m. to 1p.m.

In addition to this year’s clinics, Dremel and Lowe’s are also hosting a design contest on beginning Jan. 1, where race fans are invited to enter their final Pinewood Derby car design for a chance to be named the reigning Pinewood Derby Days champion, along with other prizes.

Stay tuned for more details next month, or visit


Getting to Know Your Tools
Dremel Saw-Max Accessories and Applications: Part 2

SM510 SM510

SM510 3-Inch Metal Cut-Off Wheel

SM520 3-Inch Masonry Cut-Off Wheel


SM540 3-Inch Tile Diamond Wheel

Last month, we took a look at the Dremel Saw-Max multi-purpose blades, which help users cut through materials including soft and hard wood, plywood, laminate, drywall, PVC and plastic. This month, we’re showing you the three accessories that expand the Dremel Saw-Max’s cutting capabilities to include metal, masonry and tile:
  • The SM510 3-Inch Metal Cut-Off Wheel cuts a variety of metal materials including copper pipe, conduit, coated wire shelving, thin sheet metal, threaded rod, sheet aluminum and more.
  • The SM520 3-Inch Masonry Cut-Off Wheel powers through a variety of masonry materials including stone, slate, cement board, bricks, concrete, cement backer board and more.
  • The diamond-grit edge on the SM540 3-Inch Tile Diamond Wheel cuts most tiles and masonry materials with ease and precision, including wall tile, floor tile, porcelain, slate, stone and cement backer board.
Still have questions? Contact the Dremel Experts at (800) 437-3635 Monday through Friday between 7a.m. and 6p.m. CST, or send us an email.


Featured Project
Turn a Wooden Cabinet Into a Glass-Front Cabinet with the MM40

Regrouting Bathroom And Shower Tiles

Watch as Chip Wade turns a wooden cabinet into a glass-front cabinet using the new Dremel Multi-Max MM40

Looking for a way to add a little pop to a room? You’re not alone – Americans who live in a home that is fewer than 25 years old are significantly more likely to want to change the décor (44 percent), according to a recent survey of homeowners conducted by the Dremel brand. Revamping kitchen cabinets to feature a glass front is a great way to change décor without remodeling a large space.

For this project, you’ll need a Dremel Multi-Max MM40 (or other Dremel oscillating tool) and Dremel Trio™. In addition, you’ll need a MM463 Hard Wood Flush Cut Blade, TR654 Straight Router Bit, MM11A Hook and Loop Pad, MM70W Wood Sand Paper, glass panels, clear silicone adhesive and mirror mounting hardware.

View a step-by-step video demo featuring Chip Wade, or follow the project steps below.
  1. Detach raised panel cabinet door from cabinet.
  2. Attach MM463 Cutting Blade to Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool.
  3. Plunge blade into cabinet door along outer edge of the raised panel you wish to remove. (Tip: Use the side of the panel or any molding as a straight edge to maintain a straight, even cut.)
  4. Working slowly, continue to carefully plunge the blade along all four sides of the interior panel until it is free from the door.
  5. Remove the wooden panel from the door.
  6. Working from the interior side of the door, use the Dremel Trio with TR800 Straight Edge Guide and a TR654 Straight Router Bit to rout a recessed edge to place a glass panel into. Making multiple passes with an increased cutting depth to achieve the required depth is recommended.
  7. Attach MM11 Hook and Loop Pad and 240-Grit MM70W Wood Sand Paper to tool.
  8. Sand along cut line to smooth any rough spots.
  9. Attach glass panel to back of cabinet door using silicone adhesive or mirror mounting hardware. Mirror hardware requires additional routing to secure hardware.
  10. Once dry, reattach cabinet door to cabinet.
For additional project advice from Wade, visit the Dremel Facebook page and leave a comment on our wall – he’ll be stopping by to weigh in.

Dremel 3000 Giveaway

Dremel 3000

Dremel 3000

We want to know – which of our new Dremel tools have you had the chance to try out yet? Send us your one-sentence answer (including Dremel 3000, Dremel Saw-Max, Dremel Multi-Max MM20, Dremel Multi-Max MM40 or none) in the body of an e-mail along with your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and home phone number with “New Tools” in the subject line. We’ll pick five winners at random and give them the chance to try the new Dremel 3000 with a kit of their own. We’ll announce the winners next month.

Todd Duffy's winning pumpkin design

Todd Duffy’s winning pumpkin design


Congratulations to the five lucky winners who won the October cordless Dremel Multi-Max giveaway. Last month, we asked readers to share their favorite fall activity and received a wide range of feedback, from watching footballs games to making homemade apple cider. The winners, picked at random, were: Thomas Jones, Branson, MO; Chris Wright, Orlando, FL; Aaron Zalewski, Middleton, WI; Harry Perry, Loveland, OH; and Brian Mitchell, McChord Field, WA. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!

The Dremel brand also congratulates Todd Duffy, the grand prize winner of the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Challenge. Check out the jack-o-lantern that won him a $500 gift card to The Home Depot®.

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