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About the Issue
The Dremel® brand continues its leadership in the oscillating tool market with the introduction of two new, high-performance oscillating tools this fall — the Dremel Multi-Max™ MM20 and Dremel Multi-Max™ MM40. Read on for exclusive insights on our new tool releases, an application and accessory overview of the new Dremel Saw-Max™ and a chance to win a cordless Dremel Multi-Max.

Table of Contents 1   October Exclusive
Introducing the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and MM40
  Table of Contents 4   Featured Project
Regrouting Bathroom and Shower Tiles
Table of Contents 2 Feature Story
Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and MM40: An Inside Look
Table of Contents 5 Giveaways/Promotions
Dremel Pumpkin Carving Challenge and a Chance to Win
Table of Contents 3 Getting to Know Your Tools
Dremel Saw-Max Accessories and Applications


October Exclusive
Introducing the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and MM40


  The new Dremel Multi-Max MM20 oscillating tool


  The new Dremel Multi-Max MM40 oscillating tool

The new Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and Multi-Max MM40 oscillating tools offer Dremel fans the ability to tackle a wider array of oscillating applications with increased tool power and capabilities, making any task on a do-it-yourselfer or remodeler’s to-do list that much easier to complete.

The Dremel Multi-Max MM20’s 2.3 amp motor is significantly more powerful than the Dremel brand’s current oscillating tool, allowing for faster, more precise cuts in a wide variety of materials. From caulk to carpeting, the new tool’s variable speed range of 10,000 — 21,000 oscillations per minute allows users to power through materials with detail, precision and optimal performance.

With the same variable speed range as the Multi-Max MM20, the Dremel Multi-Max MM40 offers a 2.5 amp motor for bigger projects and tougher applications. The new tool also offers an electronic feedback feature to ensure users have power in reserve to work through tough applications. What’s more, the Dremel Multi-Max MM40 has a new, innovative Quick Lock™ accessory change system that quickly and securely facilitates accessory changes without the need for a hex wrench, thereby eliminating the need to worry about losing the tool’s screw and washer.

The new Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and MM40 are also compatible with all existing Dremel oscillating accessories and attachments. In addition, the new tool kits contain new, larger Dremel cutting accessories for making faster cuts through tough materials such as hard wood or framing lumber. The tools feature strategic vent locations and an improved fan design for increased comfort and smooth handling over an extended period of time.

The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 is now available at most hardware and home improvement centers nationwide for an SRP of $99.99 USD and $119 CAD, while the Multi-Max MM40 will be available beginning November 2011 for a suggested retail price of $139.99 USD and CAD.


Feature Story
Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and MM40: An Inside Look

Dremel Multi-Max MM20

Dremel Group Product Manager John Holba discusses the new Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and Multi-Max MM40’s key features and upgrades.

For more insight on the Dremel brand’s new oscillating tool releases, we sat down with Dremel Group Product Manager John Holba to discuss the new tools’ development and top features.

Dremel: Why did the Dremel brand decide to create the Dremel Multi-Max MM20?
John Holba: While we’ve had very positive customer reception for the original Dremel Multi-Max 6300, we recognized opportunities to make the Multi-Max an even better tool. The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 was an opportunity for Dremel to listen to customer feedback and improve upon the original Multi-Max. The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 has more power, runs cooler and can drive even larger accessories so the user can get more done. And the best part is — it’s the same retail price.

D: The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 is a bit larger than the original Multi-Max 6300. Is it still easy to use?
JH: The MM20 is slightly larger (about 10 percent) but is still a very compact power tool relative to other tool categories. We think the trade-off is well worth the power improvement from 1.5 amp motor to 2.3 amp motor.

D: What’s the biggest difference between the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and Multi-Max MM40?
JH: While still a compact, ergonomic tool, the Multi-Max MM40 has a few premium features that really make it a high-performance oscillating tool. The MM20 has a 2.3 amp motor while the MM40 has a 2.5 amp motor, allowing the user to accomplish bigger projects. In addition, the MM40 has enhanced electronics that provide electronic feedback, giving the user power in reserve. This ensures that when the user is faced with tough applications, the OPM (tool speed) will not drop down under load.

However, I’d say the most visible difference between the tools is the Quick Lock mechanism that enables tool-less accessory changes in a fraction of the time than what is needed with a traditional bolt and wrench.

D: What would you say is the ideal project for the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and MM40?
JH: Flush cuts are the “killer” application for both new Multi-Max tools. Both the new Dremel Multi-Max MM20 and Multi-Max MM40 kits come with a new, wider, larger blade (the MM480), which allows users to complete these cuts in less time.

D: How do you feel the Multi-Max MM40 differs from other oscillating tools on the market?
JH: In addition to having similar power and performance of other more expensive oscillating tools, the Dremel Multi-Max MM40 also has the advantage of easy, speedier accessory changes with the Quick Lock accessory change system. While other quick-change tools on the market require four to five steps to change an accessory, the MM40 allows users to change accessories in a quick three-step change process. All that’s required is to rotate the lever to unlock the accessory, switch out the accessory and close the lever to lock the accessory in place. Unlike most other oscillating tools, there’s no need to remove a pin holding the accessory in place.


Getting to Know Your Tools
Dremel Saw-Max Accessories and Applications

SM500 SM600

Dremel SM500 3” Multi-Purpose Carbide Wheel

Dremel SM600 3” Multi-Purpose Flush Cut Carbide Wheel
As we shared in last month’s eNewsletter, the Dremel brand is excited to extend its portfolio of versatile tool systems with the new Dremel Saw-Max. Whether cutting custom patio stones or laminate flooring, the Dremel Saw-Max’s easy-to-use features and compact, ergonomic design make virtually any cutting application a breeze.

With a wide range of accessories and attachments, the Dremel Saw-Max tool system can accomplish a variety of cuts with just one tool. With the multi-purpose SM500 Tungsten Carbide Metal Bonded Wheel or SM600 Flush Cut Tungsten Carbide Metal Bonded Wheel, users can power through materials like soft and hard wood, plywood, laminate, drywall, PVC and plastic. While the SM500 works well for straight and plunge cuts, the SM600 allows users to make flush cuts for tricky projects like cutting away door molding, collectively making the new Dremel Saw-Max the ultimate addition to anyone’s workbench.

For more information on the Dremel Saw-Max’s full line of accessories, attachments and cutting guides, visit Stay tuned for a spotlight on other great new Dremel Saw-Max accessories next month!


Featured Project
Regrouting Bathroom and Shower Tiles

Regrouting Bathroom And Shower Tiles

Home improvement expert Chip Wade guides Dremel fans through another top project on their to-do lists this year: regrouting bathroom tile.

According to a recent nationwide survey of 500 homeowners, the bathroom is the No. 1 area homeowners plan to renovate this year. Regrouting bathroom or shower tiles is a simple project that can instantly give a bathroom a cleaner, more polished look, and can be done in no time with the right tools. Home improvement expert and national TV personality Chip Wade demonstrates a quick and easy fix for grout using the new Dremel Multi-Max MM20 with the MM501 Carbide Grout Blade and MM500 Carbide Grout Blade.

Follow the project steps below, or view a demonstration from Wade on

Step one: Insert MM500 or MM501 Carbide Grout Blade into the tool, depending on the width of your grout lines, tighten the screw with a hex wrench to secure the screw within the holder.

Step two: To protect your shower/bath area, we recommend lining the edge with painter’s tape before you begin work with your Dremel tool. You may also consider taping the tile for added protection.

Step three: Set the tool to medium to high speed and slowly guide the blade into the grout.

Step four: In smooth, even motions, push tool along the grout line to begin removal. Depending on how hard the grout is, more than one pass may be required.

Step five: If needed, rotate the blade to get into tight corners — remember to unplug the tool before changing the blade.

Step six: Keep the blade parallel to whatever ledge you’re working with, allowing the tool to meet the wall at a right angle.

Step seven: To avoid scratching, do not allow it to rest on any ledges.

Step eight: To control plunge depth, use the carbide grit line on the blade as an indicator. Do not plunge beyond grit line to prevent harming the backer board.

Step nine: When finished, dust off edges and remove tape.

Step ten: Regrout floor following floor preparation instructions supplied by grout manufacturer.

If you’re looking for more project advice from Chip Wade, be sure to visit the Dremel Facebook page and leave a comment on our wall. Wade will be stopping by to weigh in and answer all of your burning DIY and home improvement questions.


Cordless Dremel Multi-Max Giveaway

Cordless Multi Max

Cordless Dremel Multi-Max

Fall is often regarded as the season for big home improvements, but it’s also the season of changing leaves, outdoor sports and seasonal dishes. Whether your grandmother’s warm apple cider or watching your favorite football team, we want to know which fall activities are your favorites. Send us your one-sentence answer in the body of an e-mail along with your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and home phone number with “Fall Favorites” in the subject line. We’ll pick five winners at random to receive a cordless Dremel Multi-Max and announce their names next month.

Click here for more fun pumpkin carving templates.

Cordless Multi Max
Reminder: Submit your pumpkin carving creation by October 31!

The Dremel brand is partnering with The Home Depot to give pumpkin carvers everywhere a chance to show off their skill. Be sure to visit the Pumpkin Carving Challenge Facebook page through October 31 to submit your best pumpkin carving creation for a chance to win great prizes. Halloween enthusiasts can also vote on other pumpkin carving creations that have been submitted, in addition to downloading fun pumpkin carving templates and viewing last year’s entries. Visit to learn more!


Congratulations to our five lucky eNewsletter readers who won September’s Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit Giveaway: James Krenz, Milwaukee, WI; Mike Langer, Wake Forest, NC; Frank Prasello, Windsor, ON; Wendy Pifer, Clarksville, TN; David Hubert, St. Louis, MO. In last month’s issue, we asked Dremel fans to share their favorite pumpkin carving design. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!

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