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About the Issue
It’s October and we have a lot to share with you this month. From five projects to fix up your kitchen and bath to step-by-step tips on carving a pumpkin with a Dremel tool, we’ve got plenty of ideas for keeping busy around the house this fall.

Table of Contents 1   Feature Story
Five Projects to Fix Up Your Kitchen and Bath
  Table of Contents 4   Featured Project
Halloween Pumpkin Carving
Table of Contents 2 What’s New at Dremel
MM810 Cutting Depth Guide and MM830 Dust Extraction
Table of Contents 5 Giveaways/Promotions
Dremel 8220 Rotary Tool
Table of Contents 3 Getting to Know Your Tools
Dremel Multi-Max™ Accessories
Table of Contents 5 DIY Projects
Dremel Weekends
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Feature Story
Five Projects to Fix Up Your Kitchen and Bath

As the heart and soul of the home, the kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms where we spend the majority of time while at home. This month, we celebrate National Kitchen & Bath Month, a perfect time to tackle remodeling projects in these two important rooms of the home.

To get started, here are five projects to fix up your kitchen and bath that you can do with Dremel tools:

Remove water faucet buildup Remove water faucet buildup: Take a look at your faucets. Do they look cloudy or have a scaly white film? If so, it probably has a buildup of lime and minerals that has accumulated over time from the tap water. While this buildup is generally harmless, it can leave your faucet looking dingy and old. If any of the build-up can’t be removed with household cleansers, using a Dremel rotary tool and the right accessories, you can quickly polish it up like new. The tool works best on solid metal faucets and it’s best to always test in an inconspicuous spot first.
Repair or replace grout Repair or replace grout: Despite your best cleaning efforts, bathroom tile grout can become discolored, cracked or moldy and should eventually be replaced. In addition to being unsightly, cracked grout can lead to further damage as water seeps behind the tiles. The Dremel Multi-Max and its unique Grout Removal Blade is a perfect solution for removing old grout.
Update Kitchen Tile Update kitchen tile: From colorful glass to the crisp look of white subway tiles, replacing a tile backsplash is a great way to give your kitchen a fresh look. One of our favorite projects on DremelWeekends.com is a step-by-step guide to replacing kitchen tiles.
Convert a dresser/chest into a vanity Convert a dresser/chest into a vanity: You’ll wow your guests and your Pinterest followers with this project. Create a custom furniture-style vanity for your bathroom by converting a dresser or chest into a bathroom vanity. With your creative eye and a Dremel Multi-Max and rotary tool, you can modify a piece of furniture into a one-of-a-kind vanity.
Add a wall-mount range hood unit Add a wall-mount range hood unit: Kitchen range hoods make a nice design statement and come in all shapes, sizes and materials, but they also serve a very practical purpose by containing cooking residue and odors and maintaining proper ventilation. A Dremel Multi-Max and Dremel Saw-Max™ are the perfect tools for this project.


What’s New at Dremel
Two New Multi-Max Attachments Are Now Available


Use the MM810 Cutting Depth Guide to cut trim.

Dust Extractor

Dremel MM830 Dust Extraction Attachment

In this issue, we’ll take a closer look at some of the accessories for the Dremel Multi-Max that allow users to take on a wider array of oscillating applications. But before we do that, let’s learn about two new attachments joining the Multi-Max line.

MM810 Cutting Depth Guide: The new Dremel Multi-Max Cutting Depth Guide attachment enables a precise cutting depth for a variety of tasks while also providing support and stability for an accurate job. The guide is ideal for cutting projects such as drywall or heated tile floors that require a dedicated depth so underlying materials aren’t damaged.

When making plunge cuts, the Depth Stop maintains a prescribed cutting depth and the Depth Foot maintains depth when the tool needs to travel along a line. The attachment fits on Dremel’s Multi-Max oscillating tools: MM20, MM40, 6300 and 8300.

The Cutting Depth Guide includes:
  • Attachment bracket
  • Depth Stop
  • Depth Foot
  • MM450 Wood/Drywall blade
  • Instruction sheet
MM830 Dust Extraction Attachment: To help keep your work area clean during sanding and grinding applications, Dremel introduces the Dust Extraction attachment. The kit includes two extraction attachments compatible with all Multi-Max tools and three sheets of sandpaper.

The new Multi-Max Dust Extraction attachment fits all standard shop vacuums.


Getting to Know Your Tools
Dremel Multi-Max: Which accessories are right for your project?

The Multi-Max oscillating tool is a favorite of do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. New accessories give Multi-Max users even more options for faster repairs and renovation projects. Wondering which Dremel accessory is best suited for your project? We’ve got the rundown of some of the latest accessories perfect for cutting jobs.

Multi-Flex Multi-Knife Drywall Jab Saw
Multi-Flex™: Designed for wide, detailed cutting on a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Great for coping cuts on crown or shoe molding, or detailed woodworking and metal-cutting. Multi-Knife: With two cutting edges, the Dremel Multi-Knife is designed to quickly cut flexible material when being pushed or pulled. It’s great for cutting carpet, vinyl, cardboard boxes, shingles, foam, insulation and plastic. Drywall Jab Saw: The superior solution for making both straight and curved cuts in drywall, the Drywall Jab Saw is ideal for cutting out electrical boxes and recessed lighting.

Visit Dremel.com for more information on the Dremel Multi-Max and the latest updates on new accessories and attachments. Stay tuned to the Dremel eNewsletter for more tips that will help you get to know your tools.


Featured Project
Tips for a Perfectly Carved Pumpkin

Carving a Pumpkin with a Dremel Rotary Tool

Carve Your Pumpkin with a Dremel Rotary Tool

One of our favorite Halloween pastimes is pumpkin carving. From scouring the pumpkin patch for the perfect-shaped pumpkin, to roasting pumpkin seeds for a perfect snack, pumpkin carving is a fun activity to show off your creativity. While the store aisles are stocked with all the tools, gadgets and finishing touches you need to deck out your pumpkin, we’ve got a few tips of our own for carving a pumpkin using your Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit or any cordless Dremel rotary tool.

Getting Started
  • Choose a design before you pick the pumpkin. Having a design in mind will help you select the perfect pumpkin with the right shape and enough surface area.
  • Know the best way to use your tools. The Dremel pumpkin carving tool is not intended to cut through the pumpkin, but rather should be used on the surface of a pumpkin after it has been cut and cleaned out. A cordless rotary tool can be used to etch designs into the pumpkin. Any activity that involves the use of sharp objects, including the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit, requires adult supervision.
Transferring Your Design
  • Use a template. Use either a pre-drawn template—available for download on the carving templates page on the Dremel website—or make your own. Enlarge or reduce the template on a photocopier to fit the scale of the pumpkin.
  • Cut slits around the template to ensure a smooth fit. Cutting small slits along the perimeter of the paper will help you wrap it around the curved surface of the pumpkin.
  • Avoid traced marker lines by using spray adhesive. Start by applying spray adhesive on the desired carving area of the pumpkin. The template should then stay in place while you carve your favorite Halloween designs.
Carving a Pumpkin with a Dremel Rotary Tool

Carving Your Pumpkin
  • Don’t immediately remove the top of the pumpkin. If you plan to carve a “translucent” design that does not cut all the way through the pumpkin’s surface, leave the top of the pumpkin in place. Instead, cut the opening in the back of the pumpkin to insert a candle, or an electric candle if using an artificial pumpkin.
  • Use an ice cream scoop to clean out the pumpkin. An ice cream scoop is the ideal tool for quickly and evenly cleaning out a pumpkin. Unlike your kitchen spoons, it won’t bend.
  • Put the sharp knives aside. Try using the Dremel pumpkin carving tool—the 6-Volt Dremel Alkaline Cordless rotary tool. The motorized tool features a rounded-edge cutter that enables Halloween enthusiasts to etch designs into the pumpkin’s surface, making it an ideal tool for carving intricate designs.
Make Your Jack-O’-Lantern Last Longer
  • Apply petroleum jelly to cut surfaces. A thin layer of petroleum jelly will help seal in moisture and prevent the pumpkin from drying out.
  • Cover the jack-o’-lantern with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator. Refrigerating the jack-o’-lantern until you are ready to display it will help it last for several more days.
Share Your Carving With Dremel
If you carved a pumpkin this year using a Dremel tool, we’d love to see it. We might even pick a few of our favorites to feature in next month’s eNewsletter or on our Facebook page. Share your photos with us via Facebook, email or on the Customer Creations photo gallery online.

Happy Halloween!



Dremel Weekends
Create more room out of minimal space with weekly inspiration from Dremel Weekends. Stay tuned for a Dremel Weekends Twitter Sweepstakes!


The five winners of September’s giveaway who will receive a MM725 Multi-Flex Starter Kit are Brian Veal, Sulphur, LA.; Richard Nye, Brook Park, OH; Angie Thain, Bellevue, WA.; John Corder, Scottsdale, AZ.; and Sharon Vincent, Cypress, TX.

Thanks to all who submitted entries!

Did you know it pays to register your Dremel product? Just ask Robert Roberts of New Hampshire and Joanne D’Amico of California, who won a Dremel Tool and Accessory Package valued at $500 in the 2011 Dremel Product Registration Sweepstakes. Protect your investment in Dremel tools. Simply click here to register your tools and you will automatically be entered into this year’s sweepstakes.

The 2012 Dremel Product Registration Sweepstakes and eNewsletter giveaway is open to U.S. consumers only.


Dremel 8220

Giveaway: Dremel 8220 Cordless 12VMax High-Performance Rotary Tool

This month, we’re giving away one of our latest rotary innovations—the Dremel 8220 12VMax High-Performance Rotary Tool Kit. To enter to win, send us an email and in five words or less, briefly share how you would describe a Dremel rotary tool. With your message, include your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and home phone number in the body of an email with “Dremel 8220 12VMax Rotary Tool” in the subject line. We’ll pick five winners at random and announce them in the November newsletter.

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