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Come rain or shine, Dremel Tools are helping do-it-yourselfers, woodworkers and artisans across the country get ready for spring. In this issue, we’ll take a look at some quick indoor and outdoor fixes around the house. Plus, we'll share some gift ideas for Mother’s Day that are sure to surprise Mom next month.
Make Decorative Gifts for Mom
with the Dremel Stylus

Want Mom to remember exactly when and where she received your gift? Make it memorable by using a Dremel to personalize it with her name, the date or an engraved message.

The new Dremel Stylus is ideal for making one-of-a-kind memories. The accuracy and precision control of the Stylus allow you to easily personalize any gift. From intricately etched glass flower vases to personalized sterling silver picture frames, Mom will instantly light up when she sees your message engraved on it. Using the Stylus with a #83322 silicon carbide grinding stone, carefully trace your design or text onto the object. Keeping the Stylus at a maximum speed of 25,000 rpm, let the tool do the work as you focus on the design.

To learn more about the Dremel Stylus and for additional decorative project ideas for Mom, visit the new Dremel website.

Does Dremel sell empty toolboxes?  I'd like to buy a carrying case to hold my Dremel tools and accessories.
   ~ "Klinger," via e-mail

While Dremel storage cases are not sold separately in retail stores, Dremel understands the need to keep our products organized and ready to go! Dremel offers two cases through the Service Center in Racine, WI to provide consumers an extra or replacement cases.

The largest and most popular Dremel tool and accessory case is the Deluxe Window Storage Case #9673, which measures 16.5"L x 7"W x 6"H. It holds one corded Dremel tool and approximately 130 bits. Two additional storage areas located in the lid keep loose accessories – like polishing wheels – together while a designated bottom compartment is perfect for storing the flex shaft, cutting guide and grout guide attachments. The Deluxe Window Storage Case retails for $21.30 (not including shipping and tax where applicable).

To order, contact Dremel's customer service team at 1-800-437-3635, Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Standard Time.
Spring Fix-Ups with Dremel

Your Dremel tool is an ace-in-the-hole for quick spring fix-ups around the house. Dremel helps speed up home fix-ups and bring new life to worn or weathered materials in 20 minutes or less.
  • Polishing Bicycle Rims – After being laid up for the whole winter, bicycle rims and handlebars can get rusted and dull. Be the talk of the town this spring by renewing the shine on your family's bikes without purchasing new ones. Using the #520 Polishing Wheel with the new Dremel Stylus, gently remove any rust on the bicycle rims or handlebars. Dust off areas with a soft cloth. Once clean, shine the handle bars and rims with the #414 or #422 Polishing Wheels and some Dremel Polishing Compound.

  • Sharpening Lawnmower Blades – The grass is getting greener and it's nearly time for the first cut. With the Dremel Sharpening Attachment, getting ready for yard work is quick and easy! Click here to learn more about sharpening your lawn and garden tools with Dremel, including tool speed and safety tips.

  • Replacing Golf Club Grips – A good round of golf can be even more satisfying knowing you’ve cleaned your golf clubs or repaired them on your own. Click here to learn more about how to bring your clubs back up to par this season.
Have a project that showcases the control and flexibility of your Dremel tool? Want to show off your handiwork? E-mail a digital image of your project and a brief summary of how you made the piece (250 word maximum, please!). If we select your project to showcase, we'll send you the new Dremel Stylus!

Dremel will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2007, and we are looking for Dremel users to give us a year's worth of projects — big and small — to showcase the many uses for rotary tools. Send your project ideas via e-mail to dremel@jsha.com, or via regular mail at Dremel Million Uses, c/o JSH&A, 2 TransAm Plaza Drive, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181.