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From Derby cars to Mother’s Day, the Dremel® brand offers tools and project ideas for every DIY and crafting enthusiast.

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Move Over Boys Derby Car Racing for Adults

Derby car races have long been a favorite of the young, but are now becoming increasingly popular among the young-at-heart. Enrico Glasso, Norridge, Ill., has become a young-at-heart racer after helping his son, Frank, build a car for his first Cub Scouts derby last year.

When Glasso was initially handed a box with a wooden block, four wheels and four nails prior to his son’s Cub Scouts derby, he had no idea what to do. After tinkering with his Dremel 300 Series rotary tool and eventually forming a car shape from the block of wood, Glasso realized he was hooked.

“It worked out great and we had a blast,” he said. “But when it was over, I felt that I just hadn’t had enough.”

Glasso bought more wooden blocks and a Dremel Workstation™ and proceeded to build a few more cars. He began sending them to different leagues and watched them race via the internet.

Although derby racing began in the early 1950s and has long been associated with groups such as the Boy Scouts of America, league racing began in the 1970s and has continued to evolve and grow since that time. Currently, three leagues exist for adult racers: Woodcar Independent Racing League in Georgia, PWDRacing in Minnesota and PDDR in Utah.

Racers construct wooden cars (a maximum of seven inches long and five ounces in weight) and mail them to the race. Then, builders gather in a virtual conference room to watch the races, chat and share tips and advice.

Glasso admits that his Dremel tools have been invaluable to him in constructing top-notch derby cars: “They are very easy to use, and with the proper supervision, can be used by my son. The quality of the brand is second to none, and I manage to stay very competitive without the benefit of the expensive, space-taking machines.
Featured Product: New Dremel 75-Piece Accessory Kit

Shopping for rotary tool accessories just got easier. The Dremel brand’s new Dremel 75-Piece Accessory Kit (model 707-01) provides consumers with a vast array of essential accessories housed in a convenient storage tin, taking the guesswork out of which accessories may be the most-needed and saving consumers more than $35 compared to purchasing the accessories separately.

Included in the new accessory kit is an assortment of cutting, cleaning, polishing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, carving and engraving accessories – preparing consumers for any project that might pop up – in a painted, embossed accessory storage tin. The kit is available now at Wal-Mart for a suggested retail price of $14.99.
Expert Advice Tackling Tile

While tile is definitely in, many homeowners still don’t know how to work with the variety of options available. Most often, tile needs to be cut to fit the exact dimensions of the area it’s filling, and that can sometimes be a challenging task. Here’s what you need to consider when tacking this:
  • Understand the rating of the tile you’re purchasing. Tiles are grouped into five different categories, based on the amount of wear and tear they are expected to receive.
  • Understand the difference in ratings. Most often, the same tile can be used for both the floor and on the wall. Any tile that can be used on the floor is fired to a higher temperature to withstand foot traffic. Not all wall tile can be used on the floor, though. Wall-only tile is softer, more fragile and usually has a shinier finish. It isn’t as durable nor strong as tile that can be used on the floor.
  • Use the correct bit to cut tile. A 562 Tile Cutting Bit bit will cut tile rated only for use on walls, but will not cut tile rated for floor use. For duo-use or floor-only tile, try the new EZ-545 EZ Lock 1-1/2-Inch Diamond Wheel.
  • Take the cut slowly. Let the bit and the proper speed setting do the work.
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