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With summer drawing to a close, Dremel tools offer projects that are perfect for family fun at any time of year. From scrolling to gluing, the Dremel family of tools provides versatile and unique activities that anyone – from an experienced DIYer to a novice – can enjoy.

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First-Time Scroller Finds Value in Dremel® Scroll Station™

As a Dremel product manager, Steve Relaz has had plenty of exposure to power tools. But it wasn’t until a recent assignment that he was first introduced to scroll saws.

Relaz’ assignment was to meet with users of the Dremel 1800 Scroll Station and find out their likes and dislikes to assist the Dremel brand in developing the next evolution of the Dremel scroll saw.

Hearing users describe the scrolling process and projects they’d created sparked Relaz’ interest in the craft.

“I thought – ‘this is really a neat hobby,’” he said.

So Relaz enrolled in a three-hour training class at a local hardware store, purchased a book of patterns and traced his first design – a wildlife scene – on a ¾-inch block of wood that he now proudly displays in his office.

Once he felt like he knew what he was doing, Relaz carved a butterfly nameplate to give to his youngest daughter on her third birthday and is in the process of making one for his oldest daughter when she turns six.

Relaz experimented with different scroll saws but found the Dremel Scroll Station model 1830 (whose design is dependent on Relaz’ research) proved to be the greatest value for its price.

“It was perfect for me as a first-time scroller because I didn’t need anything super fancy,” Relaz said. “But I also needed a tool that was high enough in quality that it didn’t vibrate across the table, like some saws I tried.”

One of Relaz’ favorite features proved to be the quick blade change feature. Since the projects he was working on required a lot of inside cuts, he changed blades frequently – more than 40 times during one project. He also found that he appreciated the large worktable and precision he could achieve only with a scroll saw.

“I’m hooked,” he said. “My daughters think it’s pretty cool to watch their dad scrolling too.”.
Featured Project - Framing Summer Memories

Parents, before your kids head back to school, take time to create one last summer memory together. The Dremel Glue Gun – a great tool to use with kids because it features an anti-drip tip to reduce hot glue drips and a silicone sleeve over the nozzle to prevent accidental burns – is the only tool you need. Help your kids follow these steps to decorate a wooden frame and use it to display a favorite summer photo:
  1. Purchase a pre-made wooden frame or have mom or dad cut one from a thin piece of wood using the Dremel Scroll Station.
  2. Paint the frame in your favorite color or a combination of colors.
  3. Add pizzazz by using the Dremel Glue Gun to attach marbles, seashells, buttons or other small items to the front of the frame.
  4. Cut a square of clear plastic the size of the frame and glue it to the back of the frame. Cut a piece of cardboard to the same size and glue all sides but the top to the back of the plastic.
  5. Cut your photo to match the size of the frame and slide in between the plastic and cardboard.
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Ask The Experts

I have noticed that my Dremel rotary tool sometimes heats up after a short period of time. Should I be performing any routine maintenance at home or sending it in for regular service checks to keep it running in tip-top shape?
   ~ Gary, via e-mail

Routine preventative maintenance should be performed to keep the tool clean and free of dust, which could contribute to heat. The tool may be cleaned most effectively with a hose-equipped vacuum cleaner or compressed dry air. Remove motor brushes and clean the tool by blowing air on all vents, switch levers and through the motor brush holes. Tap the motor firmly with a screwdriver handle or small, non-marring hammer to dislodge any dust.

Motor brushes generally average 60 hours of use or more before they need replacing. If the rotary tool runs erratically, loses power or makes unusual noises, check the brushes for wear and possible replacement. If either brush (on any rotary tool other than the Dremel 400 Series XPR) contains less than 3/8-inch of carbon, it’s time to replace it. If brushes on the Dremel 400 Series XPR contain less than 1/8-inch of carbon, they should be replaced.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Dremel Experts at 800.437.3635 or via e-mail. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.
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- From start to finish, the project takes approximately 10 minutes
- Dremel products are the main tools used
- More than one Dremel accessory is used
- Supplies are low cost and readily available

Good Luck!

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