dremel Issue 008
The leftover Thanksgiving turkey is a distant memory as holiday wish lists abound this month. And as the New Year approaches, there’s no better time than now for last minute fix-ups — both inside and outside the home. From crafting decorative luminarias to dusting off the snow thrower, Dremel will help tackle nearly any project this December!

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Ask Dremel
Question: Thanks for the tips on the 30-minute wobbly chair project. They were helpful, however, I had one problem. When I cleaned out the hole to fit the spindle into it, I took away a bit of the wood. Is there a way to tighten this up again?
- P.H., Mt. Prospect, IL

Answer: Cleaning away the glue and other materials with a Dremel is a delicate process. Be sure to use a steady hand and keep a good eye on what is glue and what is the wood itself. If you do happen to grind away a bit of the wood as well, your chair will still be a bit wobbly, however there is a quick and easy fix. Tie a small piece of string around each spindle before joining the pieces back together. Once secure, fit the rung together. Your chair should be nice and snug and your wobble worries are over.

Note: For the full 30-minute project on how to fix a wobbly chair, visit the eNewsletter archives at here.
30 Minute Project

Creating Metal Luminaries

Plan a holiday party that will wow your guests. Whether simply adding a bit of shimmer to a tabletop or brightening the front porch, your Dremel is the perfect tool to illuminate any space!

Begin with a plain metal or tin container. Most hardware or craft stores will carry cylinder or square shaped containers, but any shape will do. Be sure to use a container that will hold your candle securely.

With a lead or grease pencil, trace the desired pattern or shape on the outside of the container. Be sure to leave at least 1/2” between each shape Choose from festive motifs, such as stars, Christmas trees and bells.
Using a Dremel Lithium-Ion with a # 420 15/16” heavy-duty cut-off wheel, carefully cut out the traced, straight-edged shapes (remember to wear eye protection when using power tools!). If your design has curved shapes, use a # 911 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone to round and smooth the edges of the metal. To finish the design, smooth and finish all round edges using the # 911 grinding stone.

Project ideas:
  • PERSONALIZE IT! Create personalized luminarias for your guests by inscribing guests’ names onto the container. A bit of holiday handiwork will make perfect table place cards and leave your guests with a beautiful illuminated take-home gift.

  • DECORATE IT! Rather than lighting your space with metal luminarias, consider crafting your own wooden pillar candleholder. Using your Dremel with a # 617 core box router, hollow out a small cavity in the top of a furniture spindle or post purchased at a hardware or antique store. Spindles can be grouped together at different heights to create a warm, creative centerpiece.
Dremel wants to help you build the dream workshop. For a free copy of the new Dremel Projects & Skills eZine, click here.
From the Workbench

Snow Throwers Versus Golf Clubs

As winter approaches, many of us start thinking about snow removal.  With the proper maintenance and a little help from Dremel, your snow thrower will be more efficient and run like new.

Clean rust from the snowplow by using the Dremel Lithium-Ion Cordless Rotary Tool with the # 428 carbon steel brush. The # 428 accessory is ideal for removing rust and corrosion from the snow thrower. Keeping a light touch, let the tips of the brush and the Dremel do the work for you. Too much pressure can break the wire bristles.

*Do not make adjustments to snow throwers with the motor running. You should never operate the machine unless proper guards, plates or other safety devices are in place and working properly.
If the forecast calls for mild weather in your area and snowplows are out of the question this season, consider dusting off your golf clubs and heading to the course. The Dremel Lithium-Ion can also help you keep your clubs in prime condition. With more than 150 Dremel accessories and attachments, the Lithium-Ion provides a convenient solution for many golf club needs, such as regripping club shafts and cleaning rust from iron heads.
Project Showcase

Miniature Santa's Workshop


I love making miniature buildings. This project was a 1:12 scale dollhouse for a special client who loves Christmas and toys. The diamond wheel # 545 helped smooth the edges of the individual glass panes and the # 198 cutter made the slots in the wooden frames to hold the glass. Used in the Dremel Router table, the shaft of the # 198 acts as a guide along the curved tops of the frames and also controls the depth of the slot. The ends of beams were shaped using the # 612 piloted beading router bit. Various shapes of engraving cutters and diamond points helped with carving the scrolled brackets and other fine details. The structured tooth carbide bit # 9931 makes for a speedy job of creating weathered wood grain texture on the timber-frame pieces.

Santa is so pleased with my work I heard he is sending me a new Dremel 300 Series Rotary Tool this month. I will use it to make the elves a new workbench!

~ Karin Corbin, Port Townsend, WA

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Product News

Holiday Mail-In Rebate

Now through December 31, you can receive a free electronic engraver via mail-in rebate with the purchase of any Dremel 400 series XPR kit. The # 290 Engraver gives you an almost impermeable method of identification on your prized holiday possessions or adds a personal touch to any home accessory. Providing you a level of control that makes custom designs a snap, the Dremel electronic engraver works on a wide variety of materials – metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood and even leather.

Visit dremel.com for more information on the holiday mail-in promotion or click here for the rebate form.
Call for Projects

Dremel will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2007. And we are looking for Dremel users to give us a year’s worth of projects – big and small – to showcase the many uses for rotary tools. Send your project ideas via e-mail to dremel@jsha.com, or via regular mail at Dremel Million Uses, c/o JSH&A, 2 TransAm Plaza Drive, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181.


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