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No matter what the holiday, the Dremel® Experts have a variety of gift-giving suggestions. Check out the Dremel® Wish List below to make shopping easier by indicating what tools, attachments or accessories you’d most like to receive this holiday season. Or, visit to preview the latest Dremel® tool offerings through video demonstrations and detailed product descriptions.

For 25 years, Daryl Boone worked as a golf pro, following in the footsteps of his father. But as the grandson of a woodworker, and born and raised in the woods of Lake Tahoe, Nev., Boone had wood in his bones.

“I’ve always kind of had a passion for sawdust,” he said.

With a $29 video and a slew of carving tools, Boone taught himself how to carve. Today, he makes a living out of selling his work at his gallery, Glenbrook Gallery, in Empire, Colo.

This time of year, he’s most famous for his hand-carved Santas, which he started carving just as gifts for family and friends.

Standing 6- to 8-inches tall and 2 ½-inches wide, each Santa is a unique creation. Boone carves them from cottonwood bark he harvests from the Rocky Mountains and inscribes each with the date it was made.

Using a light-weight wood means Boone needs a light and precise rotary tool for carving. His favorite tool is the 10.8v Lithium-Ion Cordless Dremel® Rotary Tool, because it holds its charge and travels well.

“I can start carving right in the field,” he said.

Boone is also well known for his wood spirit and furniture carving. Wood spirits, which look like the faces of old men, are made from pine knots he harvests from the Rocky Mountain woods.

With such a wide range of projects and cuts required, he’s amassed an extensive Dremel® Rotary Tool collection over the years.

“I have pretty much everything in the catalogue,” he said.

Last month we asked for holiday project ideas and received creative and unique applications! Gertrude T. uses her Dremel® Rotary Tool to carve 4-inch miniature deer for table centerpieces and fireplace mantel displays. These tiny wooden creations add a bit of whimsy to the holidays, while bringing new life to traditional tabletop centerpieces.

For Dremel® projects to help you out this holiday season, click here.

My other tools have a convenient storage tray that is portable, holds my tools and its accessories. Does Dremel® tools sell a toolbox as a stand-alone product? My current storage case doesn’t hold extra bits and accessories.
   ~ Jay J., via e-mail

With so many different accessories and attachments, the Dremel® experts understand the need for storage. While Dremel® storage cases are not sold separately in retail stores, you can purchase them directly through the Dremel® Service Center in Racine, WI.

The largest and most popular Dremel® tool and accessory case is the Deluxe Window Storage Case #9673, which measures 16.5"L x 7"W x 6"H. It holds one corded Dremel® tool and approximately 130 bits. Two additional storage areas located in the lid keep loose accessories – like polishing wheels – together while a designated bottom compartment is perfect for storing the flex shaft, cutting guide and grout guide attachments. The Deluxe Window Storage Case retails for $21.30 (not including shipping and tax where applicable).

To order, contact Dremel's® customer service team at 1-800-437-3635, Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Forget the holiday “to do” list and have some fun filling out your own wish list. Dremel® tools are helping you prepare for last-minute shopping trips with a simple one-stop checklist for Santa. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Don’t forget the accessories!

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