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Whether you’re making your own gifts or purchasing them for those special people on your list, be sure to include Dremel® tools this holiday season.

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Readers Share Easy, Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas

Instead of fighting the holiday crowds to buy his wife, Monika, expensive jewelry this Christmas, Gary Watt of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, put his Dremel 75th Anniversary Limited-Edition Rotary Tool Kit to good use by creating a pair of earrings he knows she’ll treasure more than any gift he could have picked out from the store.

“I showed my wife the basic cutout, and she told me they remind her of a charm bracelet she used to have as a child,” said Watt. “This will be the perfect Christmas gift. Without my new Dremel kit, which I received as a birthday present from my wife, this project never would have happened.”

For the base of the project, Watt used shells that he and Monika found while exploring the Alberta badlands. However, any thick shell will work. Using a cutting disk attached to his rotary tool,v Watt carved two discs from his favorite shell. He then used a Dremel polishing disk with polishing compound to refine the edges of the two shell pieces so they were smooth and matched in size and shape. Using a 1/32-inch bit and collet, Watt drilled a small hole near the top of each shell.

Watt plans to present the earrings to his wife with a decorative gold earring inserted through the hole with the gold earring resting in front of the shell as a backdrop. Since the gold earring is not affixed to the shell – just held in place with a post backing – it gives the wearer the option of wearing the shells hung from gold hoops to change the look of the jewelry.

As an avid woodcarver, Jack Simpson of Tampa, Fla., enjoys making wooden gifts for friends and family that they can use to decorate their homes. For the holidays, he especially enjoys creating festive holiday spoons made from basswood, butternut or mahogany. While he still uses a knife for some of his carving, Simpson relies on Dremel to help him produce intricate details and reach awkward angles.

He starts by tracing a design onto paper then transfers the design onto a 1- X 3.5- X 12-inch block of wood using carbon paper. Simpson cuts out the blank using a band saw, and then uses a knife to carve the bow, leaves and berries.

He then turns to his Dremel rotary tool to add details and finishing touches. With a Dremel 400 Series XPR with 225 Flex Shaft attachment and a 952 3/8-Inch Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone, Simpson shapes the leaves and inside of the bow. He then uses high-speed cutters – numbers 503 through 511 – to shape and refine the bowl. Simpson completes the project using cleaning and polishing attachments, and adds a layer of tung oil to waterproof the wood.

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Holiday Wish List

Forget your long list of holiday to-dos and have some fun filling out your own wish list. Dremel is helping you prepare for last-minute shopping trips with a simple one-stop checklist for Santa. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Don’t forget the accessories! For more gift ideas, visit www.dremel.com.

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Ask The Experts

I live in Illinois and want to buy one of the new Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kits for my husband for Christmas. Where can I find one?
   ~ Diane S., via e-mail

The Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit can be found in most hardware and home improvement centers across the U.S. To find a specific retailer in your area, visit the Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit page on the Dremel Web site. Once there, you can click on one of the links provided to purchase the tool online or you can enter your ZIP code in the “Find a Store” search box on the right side of the page. A list of local retailers will be generated for your use.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Dremel Experts via e-mail or at 800.437.3635. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.
Dremel News

Holiday Project Winners

Thanks to Jack Simpson of Tampa, Fla., and Gary Watt of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, for sharing their favorite holiday project ideas that readers can make on their own using their Dremel tools. Both projects are featured above to inspire holiday gift making. Simpson and Watt will receive a new Dremel Driver for their efforts.

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As a thank-you to our loyal customers, the Dremel brand would like to reward each customer who purchases a Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit between November 1, 2007, and December 31, 2007, with a free Multi-Tool to help with in-a-pinch projects around the house. To receive the free 12 in 1 Multi-Tool, customers must complete the Dremel Duo Free Multi-Tool rebate form, then mail the rebate form, original tool receipt with an arrow pointing to the qualifying Dremel purchase and original UPC from the Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit package by January 31, 2008, to:

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