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This month, spring is in the air and many homeowners will turn to their Dremel Rotary Tools for a variety of household projects.  Tools such as the Dremel 400 Series XPR are handy for numerous household chores, particularly when paired with any of the Dremel Accessories and Attachments. The Dremel Stylus, the newest member of the Dremel family of rotary tools, is also a secret weapon for speedy spring fix-ups around the home.Visit Dremel.com to preview the latest tool offerings with video demonstrations, detailed product descriptions and step-by-step project instruction.

Using a Dremel Rotary Tool for Tender, Loving Dog-Care

When people in Boston need a dog for an acting gig, they call Jeff Maranhas, founder and owner of Animal Actors of Boston. Maranhas is an expert at prepping pooches for television. A dog-lover his whole life, Maranhas attended four private dog training and grooming schools before opening the American Dog Training Centers and Lucky Dog Salon.

“I wanted to know as much as I could about the care and training of dogs,” said Maranhas. “Grooming’s a good activity. It makes dogs happy.”

One thing dogs don’t like, however, is having their nails clipped. When Dremel cordless rotary tools hit the market in 1988, Maranhas immediately switched from clipping to filing dogs’ nails.

“In my experience, most dogs prefer to have their nails filed rather than clipped,” said Maranhas. “There’s no snapping sound of a clipper to frighten them. Filing also leaves fewer sharp edges on nails and is less apt to make nails bleed because it shortens nails more gradually. It’s a better experience for the dog – and the groomer!”

Having attended several dog shows, Maranhas has noticed that several of the top show dog handlers also use Dremel tools to prepare dogs’ nails for shows. Show dogs must have short nails, and Dremel tools allow handlers to create short nails but avoid hurting dogs.

Maranhas is in the process of creating a how-to DVD series on grooming basics. This month, he’s recording the DVD on nail filing, which will be available by May 2007 on www.dogdvds.com (coming soon!) or by calling 877.DOG.PROS.

Maranhas advises other dog groomers to ease dogs into the filing process and keep dogs’ ears and hair away from their feet when using the tool.

“Eventually, a lot of dogs love it,” he said.

Do you have a project that showcases the versatility of your Dremel tool? E-mail us a digital image or two and a brief summary of how you used the Dremel tool to dremel@jsha.com. If we select your project to showcase, we'll send you a Dremel Stylus!
Featured Product - The NEW Dremel Multi-Vise

Coming soon, the new Dremel® Multi-Vise™ offers woodworkers, hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers unrivaled versatility in securing projects and tools for the most precise detail work. By combining the features of a portable vise, rotary tool holder and bar clamp into an effective, three-in-one format, the Dremel Multi-Vise is the ideal way to tackle multiple projects with one convenient tool.

The Dremel Multi-Vise will be available at most hardware stores and home improvement centers beginning in March for a suggested retail price of $34.99. Visit Dremel.com for more information.
Ask The Experts

My wedding ring has seen better days. I have heard that I can polish it with a Dremel rotary tool. Can you let me know if this is possible and how I should proceed? It would be a great surprise for my wife.
   ~ Jon, via e-mail

You can definitely polish a ring with a Dremel rotary tool, but if you are a novice rotary tool user, our first recommendation would be to take your ring to a jeweler.

Polishing is an acquired skill, so make sure to try polishing a test piece of material before polishing your ring. To polish a ring, felt wheels can be used with a polishing compound or the felt wheel can be used without a compound. The #421 Dremel Polishing Compound is 400-grit and is very red – make sure to test the compound on a piece of scrap metal to ensure that the pigments will not discolor your ring. Apply the compound to the wheel while it is spinning at a low speed. As the tool runs, the compound will become warm and saturate the wheel. A light coating will work best, so make sure not to overload the wheel with the compound.

Apply the compound to the surface you are polishing (in this case, your ring). Remove excess compound from the metal with a clean #429 Felt Polishing Wheel, and follow up with a #423E EZ Lock Cloth Polishing Wheel to add shine to the metal. Use a medium to low speed for the best polishing results with a light, gentle touch. Let the speed and the bit do the work for you. Remember, a little polishing compound goes a long way.

*When working with Dremel Rotary Tools and small mediums, be sure to secure in a vise, such as the Dremel Multi-Vise, to safely work on the project.
Dremel News

Stay tuned for other new Dremel product offerings throughout 2007.

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