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A Letter From The President
The year 2007 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Dremel® brand, located in Mt. Prospect, Ill. Back in 1932, our founder A.J. Dremel didn’t just start a company with the first electric razor blade sharpener. He started a tradition of producing ingenious tools that meet your evolving needs. The first-ever rotary tool was invented in 1935 and the industry has been growing ever since. The success of Dremel® as a company comes from a desire to serve our customers - professionals, homeowners, craftspeople, and artists alike who use Dremel® tools every day around the world to craft, create, refurbish and so much more.

Today, the Dremel® brand has earned a reputation for quality and performance among do-it-yourselfers, professionals and hobbyists. Dremel® tools are seen as the perfect solution to many of life’s everyday chores and challenges, as well as the go-to tool for crafters and hobbyists.

We are excited to celebrate our 75th Anniversary and invite you to stay tuned for special product offerings and give-a-ways throughout 2007. On behalf of everyone at Dremel®, I want to thank you for letting Dremel® products be a part of your lives. We look forward to 75 more years of innovation, creativity and success.

Terry Horan
President, Dremel®
The History of Dremel®

1932:   A.J. Dremel launches Dremel Manufacturing Co. with the first electric razor blade sharpener
1935:   Dremel® markets the Moto-Tool, the first rotary tool
1939 – 1945:   The Dremel® Rotary Tool was used in the Allied victory in World War II
1948:   A.J. Dremel introduces “profit sharing,” giving employees 30% year-end bonuses
1951:   The Dremel® Electric Fish Scaler hits the market
1957:   The Dremel® Moto-Shop Jig Saw premieres
1958:   Dremel® launches the Electric Shoe Polisher
1964:   The Dremel® Electric Engraver is introduced
1990:   The Dremel® Heavy-Duty Flex-Shaft Tool is launched
1995:   Dremel® MultiPro is added to the Dremel line of tools
2001:   Debut of the Dremel® Advantage High-Speed Rotary Saw
2003:   Dremel® 10.8 Volt Lithium-Ion is launched
2004:   Dremel® 400 Series XPR is unveiled
2005:   Dremel® 300 Series and the new dremel.com are launched
2006:   The Dremel® Stylus is premiered
2007:   Dremel® celebrates 75th Anniversary



What stores can I find Dremel® tools in?
   ~ Pat H., via e-mail

Dremel® has numerous tools, attachments and accessories and there is no single retail store that carries all of our products. Check your local hardware store or home improvement center for the Dremel® tool or accessory you are looking for. If they don’t have it in stock, check with a sales clerk and they may be able to order the tool from Dremel directly and have it shipped to the store. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact Dremel Experts at 800.437.3634.
Dremel News

Stay tuned throughout 2007 for special offerings as part of the Dremel 75th Anniversary celebration.

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