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Welcome to the first Dremel eNewsletter of 2008. This year, we’ll continue to offer readers sneak-peaks of our upcoming tool launches, exclusive cost-saving tool promotions and project and product advice to help you make the most of your Dremel tools.

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Dremel Offers Easy Solutions for Tackling New Year's Resolutions

Whether it’s tightening a light fixture or remodeling a bathroom, most people have at least one household “to-do” they keep putting off for lack of motivation, instructions or proper tools. This January, make it your New Year’s resolution to conquer those projects you’ve been "meaning to get to." Dremel tools can help make the task less daunting:

Resolution: Re-grout bathroom floor, bathtub or shower.
How-to: Using a Dremel rotary tool (at least two speed) and the 568 Grout Removal Attachment makes this dreaded task quick and simple. Instructions come with the attachment, but be sure to proceed slowly in case metal spacers rest below the grout line, which could damage the bit.

Resolution: Replace broken bathroom or kitchen tiles.
How-to: If you’re just replacing a tile or two, remove the grout surrounding the tile, remove the old tile, then cut any odd-shaped tiles to their proper size and shape using the 562 Tile Cutting Bit and guide. Detailed directions are available in the Dremel Quick Start Book, which can be obtained by calling the Dremel Experts at (800) 437-3635.

Resolution: Clean showerhead fixture to get rid of calcium build-up.
How-to: Fill a plastic bag with vinegar, and secure the bag around the showerhead for 30 minutes to break down calcium. After removing, use a Dremel rotary tool with a bristle brush, such as the 403 Nylon Bristle Brush or 404 Nylon Bristle Brush, to clean the showerhead completely.

Resolution: Replace old doorknobs and hinges with more modern hardware, or tighten cabinet hinges, knobs, towel bars or other loose fixtures you’ve been avoiding.
How-to: Use a Dremel Driver for easy and fast screw removal, replacement and tightening.

Resolution: Spice-up boring white walls by adding low-cost, stylish décor.
How-to: For a fresh new look for the new year, visit the decorative projects portion of the Dremel Web site for do-it-yourself decoration ideas such as a wreath or picture frame.

Resolution: Organize closet or garage by building and installing shelves, baskets and hooks to optimize space.
How-to: Visit the Dremel Web site for complete instructions on cutting wire shelving. A Dremel Driver will be useful for installing shelving, and a Dremel 300 Series or 10.8-Volt Dremel Lithium-ion Cordless can be used to cut wire shelving to make it fit.
Featured Product Dremel 300 Series

To tackle your New Year’s resolutions and other projects that pop up this year, you’ll need a basic, dependable rotary tool, such as the Dremel 300 Series, which is designed to fit many accessories and attachments. The Dremel 300 Series rotary tool offers the precision and control required to complete a wide range of projects, from fine art to home repair. Its variable speed control allows you to set the speed of the tool to match a particular accessory or the task at hand. The tool is available with a variety of accessory kits.
Expert Advice Replacing Rotary Tool Batteries

While Dremel tools are all designed with long-lasting batteries, from time to time, some do need replacing, and extra batteries are not an item that local retailers typically carry. If you haven’t been able to find the battery you need in your local store, you may purchase the product from the Dremel Service Center by calling (800) 437-3635 Monday though Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST. VISA, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

We have many cordless tools that use different batteries. Be sure to have the complete model number – usually found on the tool’s nameplate – of your tool handy when you call.
Dremel News

While chocolates, red roses, pink cards and stuffed animals are always nice, your sweetie might take most notice of a gift hand crafted by a Dremel tool. Send us your best Valentines Day gift ideas made by a Dremel tool – anything from a card created by a Dremel Glue Gun to a decorative stool constructed with a Dremel Driver – and you might win a Dremel Glue Gun. We’ll be picking our favorite five project creators, so be creative! Images must be included for consideration.

Stay tuned for Dremel news in the new year!

Safety reminder: When working with Dremel brand or any other power tool, always wear eye protection and a dust mask, and read and understand the owner’s manual prior to using the tool.

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