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This month, learn about the latest addition to the Dremel family – the Glue Gun. Plus, see how Dremel tackles even the most detail-orientated jobs.
The Dremel Glue Gun

Looking to escape the summertime heat? Head indoors and create one-of-a-kind projects with the new Dremel Glue Gun. The Glue Gun offers the same high quality and insightful product design as Dremel rotary tools with advanced features that make at-home projects easy and fun. The Dremel Glue Gun features include:
  • LED lights
  • An on/off switch
  • Dual-temperature settings
From youth projects to crafty centerpieces and from scrapbooking to simple home repair, the Dremel Glue Gun is ideal for hands-on tasks. To learn more about the Dremel Glue Gun click here, or visit the interactive video to learn more about the details.

I lost the owner's manual for my Dremel Stylus.  How can I get another copy?
   ~ Ann, via email

Visit Customer Service for help with your Dremel. In the Manuals & Literature section, you can access the Stylus Owner's Manual, as well as other helpful Dremel literature, including the Dremel Product Catalog, Dremel Project and Skills Guide and the Dremel Accessories Guide Poster. If you can't find what you're looking for, email or call the Dremel Experts at 800.437.3635.
Detailed Carving

With the help of Dremel, I am able to carve fine details into delicate materials such as a tagua nut (vegetable ivory).

I use two Dremels to create my carvings – the Multi Pro and the 400 Series XPR I begin by using a sanding drum to remove the outer husk on the tagua nut. Next, I draw the design on the outside of the nut and start to remove any unwanted material with a #192 high-speed cutter (Tip: After drawing the design, I spray it with a light coat of hair spray and let dry. This keeps the carved lines crisp). After the large cuts are made, I follow up with a #191 to smooth the lines. To fine-tune the design, I use the #107 high-speed cutter, and etch in the details with the #105. To smooth the large areas of the tagua nut, I use the #952 grinding stone and finish with the #7144 diamond bit. Finally, I polish the piece with the #429 felt polishing circle. To complete each creature creation, I finish with paint and a coat of urethane.

While an arduous task, without the help of a Dremel, the fine details would be more taxing. I sell the carvings through my business, Curts’ Creations, and demonstrate carving at shows in Davenport, Iowa. I have completed 45 carvings out of tagua nuts so far, and also carve walking sticks and deer antlers.

~ Curt Carlisle, W. Burlington, IA

Contact Curt via email with any questions, inquiries or requests at

Have a project that showcases the control and flexibility of your Dremel tool? Want to show off your handiwork? E-mail a digital image of your project and a brief summary of how you made the piece (250 word maximum, please!). If we select your project to showcase, we'll send you the new Dremel Stylus!


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