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In this issue, learn how the new Dremel Stylus can help you make the most of your outdoor entertaining, cookouts and home-maintenance projects.  Plus, you'll see how one Dremel user is bringing new life to used winery barrels.
The Dremel Stylus

Summer is the season for outdoor leisure, cooking and spending time with family and friends. The Dremel Stylus will help bring new life to any outdoor space this summer.

Unparalleled in style and technology, the Stylus brings precision rotary tool technology to your fingertips. Its innovative design makes the Stylus an extension of your hand – helping you with outdoor maintenance projects, home repair, and woodworking projects. Powered by Lithium-Ion technology, the Stylus will hold its charge for up to two years ensuring it is poised for nearly any application.

The Stylus is ideal for a number of summer DIY projects, including: To learn more about the Dremel Stylus, click here. Or view the Stylus in action.

I recently saw the Dremel EZ Lock in stores. Can I use the EZ Lock with the new Dremel Stylus?
   ~ Daniel, Chicago

Yes. The Dremel EZ Lock hit store shelves in May. Making accessory changes as easy as pull, twist and release, the one-piece EZ Lock mandrel design eliminates the need for the screw and a screwdriver. We've made the Mandrel compatible with all Dremel rotary tools, including the new Dremel Stylus. With the Stylus, we recommend using only the EZ476 Cut-off wheels for plastic or any of the EZ Lock Sanding & Polishing Accessories. The EZ Lock Metal Cut-off Wheels are compatible with all Corded Dremel Tools.
Engraved Barrels

Just as a wine maker relies on patience and skill to create beautiful wine, I rely on those same traits to create wonderful barrel carvings. I've been carving since 1984, experimenting with different wood types and carving tools.

To begin, I carefully select a half barrel from the local hardware or gardening store, cut the barrel to the desired depth (usually the second metal band) and insert a backer to help keep the barrel shape. Next, I use the Dremel #225 Flex Shaft attachment and a #428 carbon steel brush to remove any rust from the steel barrel rings. Once clean, I sand the barrel sides and top to remove the impurities from the wood.

The fun begins when I trace the full-size pattern of the carving directly onto the barrel. Using the Dremel Flex Shaft attachment again with a High Speed cutter, like the #115 or #124 accessories, I begin to engrave the design. The High Speed cutters work the best with the hard oak surface of the barrel, making the project manageable. I use Engraving Cutters, like the #105, #106 or #109 accessories, to carve fine details and add further dimension to each design.

On average, one carving takes between 20 and 30 hours to create depending on the complexity of the design. To see more of my work, visit

~ Peter Forbes, North Vancouver, B.C.

Have a project that showcases the control and flexibility of your Dremel tool? Want to show off your handiwork? E-mail a digital image of your project and a brief summary of how you made the piece (250 word maximum, please!). If we select your project to showcase, we'll send you the new Dremel Stylus!

BONUS REDEMPTION – Purchase any Dremel 400 Series XPR or Dremel 10.8v Lithium-Ion Cordless by June 30, 2006, and receive a bonus EZ Lock Starter Kit. Featuring the new EZ Lock Mandrel and 5 reinforced cut-off wheels, the EZ Lock Starter Kit will make any project as easy as 1-2-3. Be sure to pull, twist and release now! Click here to learn more.

CANDLE CREATIONS – Explore creativity and personalize your home with the latest Dremel Rotary Tool Project Pack. Available exclusively at Home Depot, the new Dremel project pack offers everything you'll need to create your own candle, including the Dremel 300 Series Rotary Tool. From accessories for engraving to design templates and a candle, the kit is perfect for gift-giving or an at-home weekend project. Click here to learn more.

Dremel will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2007, and we are looking for Dremel users to give us a year's worth of projects — big and small — to showcase the many uses for rotary tools. Send your project ideas via e-mail to, or via regular mail at Dremel Million Uses, c/o JSH&A, 2 TransAm Plaza Drive, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181.