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Whether you’re using the Dremel 400 Series XPR, to work on a project for the backyard, or creating an entertaining decoration for wildlife, let Dremel products help you enjoy your summer to the fullest.

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Family Fun – Build a Birdhouse

Young and old alike know there’s something special and exciting about watching wildlife gather in your own back yard. This summer, use Dremel tools to turn a terra cotta pot into a birdhouse and welcome a new bird family to your neighborhood!

Follow these steps for a project the whole family can pitch in on:

Make a trip to the hardware store first to gather supplies: a clay pot 4 to 6 inches in diameter, a clay saucer large enough to cover the pot, a 3/8-inch threaded rod two inches longer than the length of the pot and saucer combined, three nuts for the 3/8-inch rod, three metal washers, three rubber washers, an extended nut, an eyebolt or threaded hook and a 1/4-inch dowel 3 inches long.

The saucer serves as the birdhouse roof. Using a Dremel 300 Series rotary tool outfitted with a 562 tile cutting bit, grind a 3/8-inch hole in the center of the saucer. Make the bird’s door by grinding a 1- to 1 1/2-inch hole in the side of the pot. Beneath the door, grind a 1/4-inch hole and press a dowel into it for a perch.

Thread all components together to form the hanging house:
  • Thread the nut 1/2” onto the rod.
  • Slip the metal washer, then rubber washer, on the rod then from the inside of the pot slide the rod into the hole at bottom of the pot.
  • On the exposed thread sticking out of the bottom of the pot, slide rubber washer then metal washer on the rod.
  • Thread the nut on the rod and tighten against washers until pot is securely held.
  • Repeat the same procedure for securing the saucer upside-down. Then, thread on another nut to act as a lock nut. Thread the extended nut onto the rod and screw an eyebolt into it as a hanger.
After hanging in a nearby tree, wait for a bird family to make the house into a home.

Type “bird house hole diameter” into an Internet search engine to find out what size hole diameter in your birdhouse can be used to attract specific bird species. For example: a 1 1/8” hole is ideal for Chickadees.
Featured Product – Dremel 400 Series XPR

The Dremel 400 Series XPR is the perfect tool for fix-ups around the house - from fitting into a tight spot to fix a drain pipe to planing a door so it closes more smoothly. Between the XPR’s performance, precision and control and wide variety of attachments, it can take on wide variety of projects.

Features include:

  • A variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm that provides maximum control and precision
  • A permanent magnet motor for increased performance and consistent speed at all speed settings
  • Ergonomic, contoured styling with soft-grip areas for greater comfort and control
  • Separate on/off switch and speed control dial for the perfect speed every time
  • "Dove-tail" feature for Dremel-exclusive attachments
  • Cool-running ball bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation
  • Replaceable motor brushes extend tool life
For more information about the Dremel 400 Series XPR System and family of attachments, please visit the tool product page here.
Expert Advice – Carving and Engraving

If you’re working on a summer project using a Dremel rotary tool, it’s likely you’ll use a carving or engraving bit along the way, since these accessories make up the largest category of Dremel accessory bits. Carving and engraving bits are ideal for carving, engraving, etching, cutting, smoothing and shaping. They can be used on glass, fiberglass, plastic, soft metals, acrylic, wood, semi-precious stones, rubber, laminates and particleboard. Their sharpness and durability allow the bits to last a long time when properly used. Follow these tips from the Dremel Experts for making the most of your carving and engraving bits:

Engraving cutters (105 -113)
Engraving cutters are best for fine detail work. Practical uses include engraving a name on a valuable item for security purposes, engraving a design on a chair rail or making a soap stone carving. When using the engraving cutters, a 481 collet is also required.

High-speed cutters (100, 114-118, 121, 125, 134, 144, 190-194, 196, 199)
High-speed steel cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They work on wood, plastics and soft metals. Some of the more unique possibilities for these cutters include clearing a hold in a gourd to make a bird house or remove window glaze.

Diamond wheel points (7103, 7105, 7120, 7123, 7134, 7144)
Like engraving cutters, diamond wheel points work nicely on detail-oriented work. They work effectively on brittle material like glass, semi-precious stones, hardened steel and ceramic. Remember that applications in glass and other brittle materials will generate a lot of heat. The diamond wheel points are not fluted like drill bits and, therefore, are not designed to drill a hole in glass or other hard materials.

Structured tooth tungsten carbide cutters (9931, 9933-9936)
The appearance of structured tooth bits resembles the back of a porcupine. The most common use of these accessories is material removal. For example, when hollowing out a portion of wood, the sharp, structured teeth on these cutters provide superior performance.

Tungsten carbide cutters (9901-9906, 9909-9911)
The cousin of the structured tooth cutter, tungsten carbide cutters are just as sharp and can be used on tough materials like fired ceramics, hardwoods and cast iron. Their practical uses include making a drain hole in the bottom of a terra cotta pot or grinding out a stuck bolt. The cutter is also very effective on wood. The sharpness of the accessory makes it long-lasting and provides a clean cut when working with wood.

Dremel News

Win a Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit

Just in time for summer fix-ups and fun family projects, the Dremel brand is giving away five Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kits for lucky eNewsletter readers to enjoy. The Duo kit includes the incredibly powerful, incredibly precise Dremel Driver™ cordless screwdriver and the Dremel Stylus™ cordless rotary tool. To enter the drawing, submit an e-mail with your name, shipping address (no P.O. boxes) and phone number in the body and “Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit” in the subject line. We’ll pick five entries at random and announce the winners next month.

Bosch Rebate Offer

From time to time, the Dremel brand is able to share with readers of the Dremel eNewsletter offers from other tool brands of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. This month, precision measuring just got a whole lot easier. The Bosch Digital Laser Rangefinder, features fast, easy and accurate measuring – a range of 165 feet with accuracy within 1/16-inch. Click on the image for a $20 rebate. Stay tuned for more Dremel news this year.

Safety reminder: When working with Dremel brand or any other power tool, always wear eye protection and a dust mask, and read and understand the owner’s manual prior to using.