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This month, spring is in the air and many homeowners will turn to their Dremel Rotary Tools for a variety of household projects. Tools such as the Dremel 400 Series XPR are handy for numerous household chores, particularly when paired with any of the Dremel Accessories and Attachments. The Dremel Stylus, the newest member of the Dremel family of rotary tools, is also a secret weapon for speedy spring fix-ups around the home.

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Dremel Tools Add Big Impact to Small-Scale Projects

From small staircases to tiny ships, the options are endless when it comes to James Pridham’s collection of miniature artwork. Yet while the artist’s subjects are constantly changing, one thing remains the same: each miniature looks astonishingly real. In fact, they look so real that photos of Pridham’s artwork have at times been mistaken for photos of real sites he’s visited while on vacation.

“I’m obsessive about my work being realistic and believable,” said Pridham. “To help get the best result, I’ll go out of my way to find the perfect materials and tools to use.”

While Pridham has created larger-than-life dinosaurs and rain forest trees for the Museum of Natural History in North Carolina, it is his miniatures that draw the most awe. Inspired by maritime history, Pridham has created miniature ships that are replicas of historic vessels and dioramas that mimic real-life ocean-side villages, with every facet shrunk to a miniature size. In homage to the old-fashioned charm of his hometown, the San Francisco Bay Area, Pridham has also created tiny rows of Victorian houses complete with every detail from windows and doors to shingles and siding.

Pridham works in a scale so small that a real-life 10-foot tall object, such as a light post, is reduced to a three-quarter inch tall piece of art. Creating miniatures is a tedious task, and when he first started, it took Pridham nearly five hours to create a single window frame. After several years of crafting each of his projects entirely by hand, Pridham realized his approach was too time-consuming and sought a speedy alternative.

That’s when Pridham, who’s been making miniatures since 1969, turned to Dremel rotary tools.

“Dremel tools allow me to create intricate detail in a fraction of the time,” said Pridham. “With elements like small windows, I’d be 90 years old before I finished one structure!”

Now, window frames take Pridham just over one hour to create using the collection of Dremel rotary tools he’s built up over the years.

“Dremel tools feel like an extension of my hand,” said Pridham.

If Pridham can create such fine artwork with the help of Dremel Rotary Tools, just think about all of the detailed household tasks you can accomplish with Dremel products! To learn more about Pridham and view his work, visit www.jamesepridham.net.
Featured Projects
Dremel Rotary Tools are Perfect for Spring Cleaning

The Dremel 400 Series XPR is compatible with every Dremel attachment and accessory. Ready for a fresh look for your tile? Remove the grout with the Dremel Grout Removal Attachment and the XPR. Or, as lawn mowing season is here, it may be time to sharpen your lawn mower blade or other gardening tools for the season – the Dremel Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening Attachment is a helpful rotary tool accessory.

The Dremel Stylus is the ideal tool for quick fixes around the house – perfect for spring-cleaning projects. The Dremel Stylus fits into tight spaces and is handy for polishing outdoor hardware such as a doorknocker or doorknob, removing rust from your mailbox or outdoor lawn furniture, and even re-slotting stripped screws. For more information on the Dremel Stylus and other useful Dremel tools, visit Dremel.com.

You can purchase the Dremel Stylus online here at the online retailers listed on product page.
Ask The Experts

Last month, you wrote about the Dremel Multi-Vise. When and where can I find this tool?
   ~ Ben N., via e-mail

The Dremel® Multi-Vise™ will be available in home centers and hardware stores this month for $34.99. More retailers will carry this item over the next three months.

If you missed the news last month, the new Dremel Multi-Vise offers woodworkers, hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers unrivaled versatility in securing projects and tools for the most precise detail work. By combining the features of a portable vise, rotary tool holder and bar clamp into an effective, three-in-one format, the Dremel Multi-Vise is the ideal way to tackle multiple projects with one convenient tool.
Dremel News

Stay tuned for other new Dremel product offerings throughout 2007.

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