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Year after year, the Dremel brand continues to develop new products and update favorites as part of our commitment to innovation and quality. And 2007 is no exception as we celebrate the launch of the Dremel® Scroll Station™ model 1830. With Father’s Day around the corner, Dremel tools, attachments and accessories are the perfect gift for every Dad – from woodworkers to the family handyman!

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Dremel Rotary Tools Gone Fishin'

More than 30 years ago, word spread through Elmendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage, Ala., that a recently stationed medical corpsman was skilled in the art of building salmon fishing rods – a popular possession among people living along the Pacific coast.

During his three-and-a-half year tenure in Alaska, that medical corpsman, George Roth, built more than 300 custom rods as demand for his talents grew. Yet, it wasn’t until 1993, when Roth completed physician assistant school and moved to Weiser, Idaho, that he discovered how useful Dremel rotary tools were in enhancing the “fit and finish” he deemed essential in building quality fishing rods.

“The Dremel rotary tool is light, easy to maneuver and has a number of attachments that make it suitable for the many detailed tasks I perform while working on rods in my shop,” said Roth.

Roth spends up to 40 hours a week building new custom rods, repairing damaged ones and performing modifications to existing rods to assist fishers in specific situations. He uses a Dremel MultiPro™ for several tasks:
  • Smoothing the feet that guide the fishing thread with a Dremel 407 ½-inch Sanding Drum to allow the thread to travel smoothly up the guide feet without catching or snagging.
  • Modifying graphite reel seats with a Dremel 115 High-Speed Cutter to make the reel seat lighter and expose more of the rod blank for added sensitivity.
  • Expanding rubberized cork discs that serve as butt caps with the Dremel 115 High-Speed Cutter to enlarge the disk’s interior hole for use in different applications.
  • Trimming rod blanks with the cutting wheel to an exact length in order to modify the rod’s action.
  • Removing damaged reel seats with the cutting wheel.
“Using a Dremel rotary tool with variable speeds allows me to cut and modify slowly, which is not only more safe, but also reduces the risk that I’ll unintentionally damage adjoining components,” said Roth.

Additional advice on using a Dremel rotary tool to build and repair rods can be found on Roth’s Web site, www.georgescustomrods.com. A DVD, “George’s Guide to Rod Maintenance and Repair,” is also available for purchase on the Web site.
Featured Products Dremel® Scroll Station™ model 1830

The new Dremel Scroll Station helps woodworkers, sawyers, crafters and artisans connect with the heart of their craft by combining their favorite and most-needed scrolling features into one affordable tool. Up-front user controls for variable speed, power on/off and blade tensioning help novice and master scrollers create beautiful, precise cuts. Available beginning this month from most hardware stores and home improvement centers. Visit the product page for more details.
Ask The Experts

I’m always eager to start a new project with my Dremel tools, but am a strong believer in the adage “measure twice, cut once.” Do you have any helpful hints for how I can ensure I get the results that I want the first time when working with rotary tools?
   ~ Vincent, via e-mail

You have the right attitude! Practice makes perfect with many home projects – from artistic creations to everyday home improvement tasks. Dremel tools provide users with hundreds of possibilities to save time, effort and energy. A couple of easy practices will help you become more comfortable with your Dremel tools and generate the best results possible:
  • Test accessories on scrap materials to make sure it provides the cut, grind, finish or shape you are looking for, and if it doesn’t turn out right, a different accessory may be the answer.
  • Less aggressive, more frequent passes gets the task done more efficiently. Pushing a new accessory won’t get the job done more quickly; it will just wear the bit out more quickly.
  • Replace accessories when they wear out. If you find yourself pushing hard on the tool to get the same results that you initially had, it’s an indication that you should change the accessory. Accessories wear based on the speed of the tool, depth of the pass and the materials during usage.
  • Experiment with different speeds. If the accessory is chattering in the material, try increasing the speed. If it is difficult to control the tool, turn down the speed until the Dremel tool is easier to handle. Increase the speed as you become more comfortable.
If you have additional questions, please contact the Dremel Experts at 800.437.3635 or via e-mail.
Dremel News

Looking for a gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Send an email to dremel@jsha.com with your name, street address and a 50-word or less description of why Dad Deserves Dremel Tools! The entry judged the best from the first 50 entries will win a Dremel 75th Anniversary Tool. The first 5 entries will receive a Dremel Multi-Vise™ to give to Dad this Father’s Day.

Congratulations to Kerry D. of Carmichael, Calif., for winning the Dremel 75th Anniversary Tool Kit last month!

Stay tuned for new Dremel product offerings throughout 2007.

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*Entries to win Dremel products exclude Robert Bosch Power Tool Company employees and family members.