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Growing up on a Pennsylvania farm in the 1940s and 1950s, Robby Anderson spent his free time like many young country boys – whittling wood. He’d tool away for hours with a chisel and an Xacto® knife in the workroom.

At age 13, he started carving wood gunstocks after seeing pictures of old world guns and thinking they were the most beautiful things he’d ever seen. Three years later, in 1956, his mom brought home a Dremel.

“I had never heard of them,” Anderson said. “Boy, I plugged it in and started experimenting.”

The oak leaves that used to take him three to four hours to carve now took 45 seconds.

Anderson was hooked. Now, fifty years later, he is retired from a career in engineering but continues to carve. His son has the same passion for carving and currently heads up Anderson’s carving business.

Although gunstocks are his favorite, Anderson carves any type of wood furniture, including cabinets, hutches and doors. His specialty is wildlife, but Anderson will learn to carve anything a customer orders. He also travels to hardware stores to demonstrate and teach woodcarving with a Dremel. For his own work, he uses five Dremel rotary tools to avoid changing the bit between different cuts.

He spends an hour carving each gunstock. Without a Dremel, it would take 40 hours, he said. “You won’t believe how fast I can do it thanks to the Dremel rotary tool.”
The Dremel Stylus is Handy for the Holidays

Company is on its way, and the Dremel Stylus is the perfect tool to help around the house. From polishing fine silver to engraving gifts, the Dremel Stylus is perfect for quick fixes around the house and personalized holiday presents.

For Dremel projects to help you out this holiday season, click here.

I’m looking for new ways to use my Dremel rotary tool. How can I make interesting shapes out of wood or rocks?
   ~ Ingrid H., via e-mail

There are over 100 different Dremel accessory bits that work on a variety of materials including wood and rock. Choosing the right accessory bit depends on material, application and results. We recommend experimenting to see which work best for you. Visit to use the Fast Finder on the Attachments & Accessories page.

Try the High-Speed Cutters and the Structured Tooth Tungsten Carbide Cutters for woodcarving, and accessories such as Silicon Carbide Grinding Stones and Tungsten Carbide Cutters for grinding rock materials.

It will take some practice and experimentation to use the tool and bits successfully. Always try the accessory out first on scrap material so you can see the results. Try not to force the tool and use a gentle, light touch making frequent, yet conservative passes. The speed of your Dremel will do all of the work.
Ringing in the Holidays

From ornament etching to decorative table centerpieces, Dremel helps you create one-of-a-kind holiday projects. We're looking for unique holiday project ideas to share with other Dremel enthusiasts this season. Send your holiday project ideas and photos via e-mail to and we'll send the new Dremel EZ Lock starter kit, the perfect stocking stuffer this season, to the first 10 email responders!