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Dremel is gearing up for the season with a variety of decorative and one-of-a-kind projects.  From smiling jack 'o lanterns to decorative wreaths, the changing of the seasons brings exciting projects for do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists and woodworkers alike.
The Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit

With fall upon us, there are plenty of Dremel-friendly projects to help dress up your home for the season.

Halloween is around the corner, so it’s time to get creative and decorate your very own ghoulish jack ‘o lantern. The Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit comes complete with a battery-operated rotary tool, the #191 High-Speed Cutter and pumpkin carving templates. Or, click here for even more downloadable templates. Remember, the Pumpkin Carving Tool is not intended to cut through the pumpkin and requires adult supervision.

Dress up your doorway for fall with a customized celebration wreath. Wreaths can be made to highlight any occasion, holiday, or season of the year. Consider using the new Dremel Glue Gun to create an autumn wreath to adorn your front door or hang above a mantle. Click here for step-by-step wreath project details.


Our bathroom faucets have a good deal of build up. What Dremel attachments would you recommend using to remove build-ups on the faucets?
   ~ Linda C., via e-mail

If you have already exhausted the traditional abrasive cleaners, you can try abrasive buffs #511E finishing abrasive buffs (coarse and medium) and #512E finishing abrasive buffs (fine), which are similar to steel wool. Be sure test the attachment in an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire faucet. Use a medium to low speed, and apply with a light touch letting the tool do the work. The abrasive buffs are ideal to remove calcium deposits and hard water stains. Attach the buffs with the new EZ 402 EZ Lock Mandrel or a standard #402 mandrel.
Dremel to the Rescue

When a natural disaster strikes, along with it comes a wake of destruction that can take weeks, months and even years to clean up. But, with good Samaritans like Tom Stanton, clean up is one step closer to being manageable.

Stanton has been sharpening chainsaws since 1973 when he was logging in Montana. When a devastating tornado hit Siren, Wisc. in 2001, Stanton heard the reports and wanted to help. Unsure of what he would do, Stanton packed his car with supplies and drove to the disaster area. The need for chainsaw sharpening was clear. The town and recovery crews were trying clear streets of debris and required sharper chainsaws to clear downed tree limbs and rubble. Armed with a hand file, and later a couple of 12-volt grinders that quickly burned out, Stanton sharpened chainsaws practically non-stop for four days. On his next trip to the devastated area, Stanton packed his trusty Dremel Rotary Tool and a power cord in case he would have access to power – and he did. According to Stanton, "Dremel has proven very reliable and is literally a lifesaver."

Since 2001, Stanton has assisted at natural disaster sites in Wisconsin, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota, Virginia and Alabama. He also worked for two weeks using a small generator and his Dremel tools 100% of the time after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit – sharpening nearly 2,000 chainsaws – helping rescue workers and clean up crews along the way.

Have a project that showcases the control and flexibility of your Dremel tool? Want to show off your handiwork? E-mail a digital image of your project and a brief summary of how you made the piece (250 word maximum, please!). If we select your project to showcase, we'll send you the new Dremel Stylus!


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