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Dremel is proud to introduce its latest product innovation: the Dremel Driver™ power screwdriver. For years, users have turned to Dremel tools to sand, cut, grind, polish and engrave. Now, Dremel tools can be counted on to drive.

Visit Dremel.com to view the new Dremel Driver and Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit™, a combination kit of two of Dremel’s handiest tools – the Dremel Driver and Dremel Stylus.
Featured Products - Dremel Introduces Powerful, Precise Dremel Driver

Dremel Driver
The Dremel Driver is the most fully featured compact power screwdriver on the market, featuring an ideal balance between power, precision and control. Offering the widest range of screw driving capabilities, the Dremel Driver’s compact power provides enough versatility to precisely set a No. 1 screw with enough torque to drive a No. 10 three-inch screw into pine. Less than five inches long, the tool’s compact size and slim nose design allow users to work in tight spaces and awkward angles with ease. With a variable speed reaching 300 rotations per minute, the Dremel Driver provides the right amount of speed for any job.

Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit
The Dremel Driver is conveniently packaged with the Dremel Stylus cordless rotary tool in the Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit, offering the perfect tool combination to tackle any project around the home. Both tools feature superior ergonomics and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that hold a charge for up to two years.

The Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit comes complete with 25 Stylus accessories, an eight-piece precision screwdriver bit set and a charging station with one tool charging dock, one tool storage dock and accessory storage to keep tools and accessories organized and ready for use. The Dremel Driver (suggested retail price: $69.99) and Dremel Duo Two-Tool Kit (suggested retail price: $99.99) will be available in October 2007 at select hardware and home improvement centers nationwide.
Dremel Driver Development Team Fits Full-Size Features into Small-Size Tool

When the Dremel team first began its research into the cordless screwdriver market, the team made two important observations: one - because the market was large, there was much potential for growth; and two - there was a void in the market that presented the perfect opportunity for the Dremel brand to fill.

“We noticed that there were plenty of cordless screwdrivers on the market that were compact in size, but all were devoid of any extra features to speak of,” said Tom Vasis, Dremel group product manager.

Having long been known for its versatile and compact product benefits because of the relatively small size of its tools, the Dremel brand had no trouble developing a unique power screwdriver that set itself apart from the competition.

With the introduction of the Dremel Driver, the Dremel brand is the first to create a very small, very full-featured power screwdriver.

“We knew we could fill the market void by introducing a small tool with features like those found on a full-size tool,” said Vasis. “We’re raising the bar and creating a whole new category in the power screwdriver market. We couldn’t be more proud.”

So far, the Dremel Driver has received positive feedback from consumers who tested it during the development phase. Among other things, they praised the tool’s comfortable and easy-to-maneuver body design and ergonomics.

Vasis credits the development team’s never-settle attitude for making the Dremel Driver stand out above other cordless screwdrivers on the market.

“Innovation is what makes us different,” said Vasis. “The Dremel Driver is just one example of the Dremel brand’s innovation and dedication to bringing quality products to the market. I only see more great products coming from Dremel on the horizon."
Ask The Experts

I want to make some tombstones for Halloween out of extruded Styrofoam sheets. The design work will require me to recess some fairly large areas of the foam ¼-inch using a Dremel rotary tool as a router. Web sites devoted to this type of project never seem to mention the bit used to rout out these larger areas. Can you tell me the best bit to use for this project?
   ~ John M., via e-mail

Your project sounds fun! The Dremel Plunge Router Attachment model 335, used in conjunction with the No. 654 ¼-Inch Straight Router Bit or the No. 617 Core Box Router Bit, works well for routing in Styrofoam. Routers work with Dremel models 275, 285, 300, 395, 398 and 400.

If we can help you further, feel free to contact Dremel Customer Service by calling (800) 437-3635 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. central standard time or by e-mailing us at EWNA.DremelWeb@us.bosch.com.

Correction: In the answer to August’s eNewsletter question, we inadvertently switched our facts. If motor brushes on the Dremel 400 Series XPR contain less than 3/8-inch of carbon, they should be replaced. If motor brushes on any rotary tool other than the Dremel 400 Series XPR contain less than 1/8-inch of carbon, they should be replaced. We apologize for any confusion.
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Congratulations to Jeremy Stevens, Dorsey James, Pamela Dowdy, Joe Andre and Jim Walton. Their entries for 10-minute or less projects using a Dremel tool earned them a new Dremel Driver!

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Stay tuned for new Dremel product offerings throughout 2007.

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