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Dremel Partners with 3DPrinterOS™ to Provide Cloud Connected 3D Printer Platform

For simplicity and ease of use, Dremel licenses 3DPrinterOS™ software to drive its line of cloud-connected 3D printers

MT. PROSPECT, Ill. – February 7, 2017 — The evolving landscape of 3D printing technology demands flexibility in everyday classrooms and businesses. To expand capabilities for printing and modeling across devices, Dremel has adopted the digital manufacturing system company 3DPrinterOS™ to enable complete, cloud-based connectivity for the Dremel Idea Builder 3D printers.

Access to the 3DPrinterOS™ software system will allow users of Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer to prepare models and monitor print progress anytime, with any device — without the need to download a software. These cloud capabilities add another dimension to the 3D printing ecosystem for small businesses and classrooms, allowing the management of unlimited fleets of printers and users without additional overhead.

With over 120,000 devices powered in over 100 countries, 3DPrinterOS™, is one of the premier software platforms to power desktop 3D printing. The 3DPrinterOS™ platform supports over 100 different printing manufacturers – the most of any other software providing this service.

"3DPrinterOS™ allows real-time central management of users, printers and files with any web browser in a universal solution," says Dremel Education Head of Sales George Velez. "This partnership will enable our printers to be compatible with a variety of devices, including Chromebooks and iPads."

The Dremel brand's goal with this partnership is to make 3D printing as easy as possible. 3DPrinterOS™ allows districts and enterprises to easily deploy 3D printers across schools, districts and other organizations, reducing barriers to full-scale implementation.

"Dremel has created a line of world-class 3D printers, and we are pleased to have them as a partner," said 3DPrinterOS™ President John Dogru. "Our vision is to further the 3D printing revolution, so users can print to a connected 3D printer anytime from anywhere in real-time. We want to unlock the power of digital manufacturing as Microsoft did for the PC."

The Dremel 3D Mobile Application will be replaced by the 3DPrinterOS™ cloud system to expand remote modeling and printing on multiple devices. Learn more about the Dremel Idea Builder capabilities here.

About Dremel

As one of the Bosch Group brands, Dremel is the industry standard in leadership and excellence for versatile tools systems since 1932. The Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer expands the brand’s reach from the workshop to the classroom to provide educators and students with cutting-edge technology for STEM education. Built upon the brand's dedication to empowering makers through creativity, precision and project enjoyment, the Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer nurtures student confidence by giving them a tool to design and build their own models to understand lessons. With available lessons to draw connections between 3D printing and instruction, Dremel is providing educators with the support they need to transform classrooms. Learn more about classroom applications and curriculum-based learning at 3dprinter.dremel.com.

About 3DPrinterOS™

3DPrinterOS™ is a digital manufacturing cloud operating system company based in Silicon Valley that is building the largest and fastest-growing virtual factory in the world, enabling real-time Web to direct 3D printing and digital manufacturing. Its cloud infrastructure helps businesses and universities of all sizes securely access and manage their analytics, users, files, and manufacturing machines from a single interface. Trusted by companies such as Ford and Cisco, and Universities such as Duke, Yale, Purdue, UTEP, CalTech, UMD, and UC Davis, 3DPrinterOS™ has manufactured over 120,000 parts in 100+ countries in the past year. 3DPrinterOS™ is backed by Paul Allen's Vulcan Venture Capital group, and Silicon Valley Angels. Alumni of TechCrunch Battlefield 2016 and the Alchemist Accelerator ( Top 5 IOT ).


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Editor’s Note: Dremel® is a registered brand name and is used as an adjective to describe the products made by the Dremel brand.


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