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Dremel® Micro™ 8050 Fact Sheet

Dremel 8200
Dremel Micro 8050

The Dremel® Micro™ 8050 is the most powerful, precise and compact cordless rotary tool the brand has yet to produce. With a highly efficient DC motor powerful enough to cut metal, the Micro 8050 is a versatile tool that can be held between the thumb and forefinger like a pencil. It can do many small scale indoor and outdoor projects and is perfect for extremely detailed work that needs to be done in tight spaces.

Dremel Micro 8050 Product Strengths:

Dremel Micro 8050 Applications List:

Crafts, Inspiration and DIY:

Compact Projects:

Catalogue Number: 8050-N/18

The Dremel Micro 8050 is available nationwide at Home Depot and Lowe's and is available online at for an MSRP of $89 USD.


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Editor’s Note: Dremel® is a registered brand name and is used as an adjective to describe the products made by the Dremel brand.


Alyssa Cicero, JSH&A Communications

John Hauter, Dremel