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Dremel® Multi-Max™ MM20 Oscillating Tool System
Project Overview

Regrout Shower/Bath

Dremel MM20
Dremel Multi-Max MM20 removing grout

Tools Needed


Additional Materials

Project Steps

  1. Insert MM500 or MM501 Carbide Grout Blade into the tool, depending on the width of your grout lines, tighten the screw with the Allen wrench to secure the screw within the holder.
  2. To protect your shower/bath area, we recommend linking the edge with painter’s tape before you begin work with your Dremel tool. You may also consider taping the tile for added protection.
  3. Set the tool to medium to high speed and slowly guide the blade into the grout.
  4. In smooth, even motions, push tool along the grout line to begin removal. Depending on how hard the grout is, more than one pass may be required.
  5. If needed, rotate the blade to get into tight corners – remember to unplug the tool before changing the blade.
  6. Keep the blade parallel to whatever ledge you’re working with, allowing the tool to meet the wall at a right angle.
  7. To avoid scratching, do not allow it to rest on any ledges.
  8. To control plunge depth, use the carbide grit line on the blade as an indicator. Do not plunge beyond grit line to prevent harming the backer board.
  9. When finished, dust off edges and remove tape.
  10. Regrout floor following floor preparation instructions supplied by grout manufacturer.

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Editor’s Note: Dremel® is a registered brand name and is used as an adjective to describe the products made by the Dremel brand.


Allison Bradley, Olson PR


John Hauter, Dremel