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Dremel Multi-Max MM30

Dremel Multi-Max MM30 with wrench that stores on the tool

Dremel MM30 with MM485 carbide cutting blade cutting pipe

Dremel MM30 removing grout from tile

Dremel MM30 cutting a door jamb during flooring installation

Dremel MM30 cutting aluminum threshold

Dremel MM30 sanding a window sill

Dremel MM30 sanding a stair tread

Dremel MM30 removing vinyl floor tile with the MM6000 rigid scraper blade

Dremel MM30 removing paint from a metal surface

Dremel MM30 installing carpeting

Dremel MM30 cutting drywall for ceiling fan installation

Dremel MM30 cutting drywall for outlet installation


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Editor’s Note: Dremel® is a registered brand name and is used as an adjective to describe the products made by the Dremel brand.


Kelly Karcz, JSH&A Communications

John Hauter, Dremel