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Dremel 3000 Applications

General Applications

  • Carve
  • Engrave
  • Rout
  • Grind
  • Sharpen
  • Cut
  • Clean
  • Polish
  • Sand
  • Drill

Home Improvement/DIY

  • Sharpen garden tools, chainsaws or lawn mower blades
  • Cut a pipe for installation
  • Grind away rust from outdoor patio furniture and stair railing
  • Polish kitchen and bathroom hardware and faucets to restore sheen
  • Cut pre-fab closet organizers and wire shelving to the correct dimensions
  • Cut off rusted bolts or nails
  • Reslot a screw
  • Restore a damanged screwdriver tip
  • Remove grout between bathroom tiles
  • Refinish wooden window trim
  • Cut pegboard to install a garage organizer
  • Cut drywall to install a new vent, electrical outlet or lighting socket
  • Cut crown or shoe molding to correct room size
  • Cut hole in TV stand to clean up cable mess
  • Cut vinyl siding to install outdoor connections for new appliances
  • Buff nicks out of car doors
  • Notch keys for easy identification
  • Fix a hex wrench


  • Build a Derby racecar
  • Etch fine details into a wooden carving
  • Sand nicks or imperfections out of custom furniture
  • Sand quarter round molding for a perfect fit
  • Rout decorative designs into wooden cabinets
  • Etch a name into a wooden wall hanging, jewelry box or toy box


  • Polish shells or beads for jewelry making
  • Drill holes in carved/etched glass to hang as holiday ornaments
  • Cut, sand and engrave model cars, trains, planes, boats and small dolls or figurines
  • Mod computer casing
  • Etch a design onto a custom glass window panel or glassware
  • Drill holes in leather to make a purse
  • Cut eggshells for seasonal art


  • Hard and soft wood
  • Laminates
  • Plastics
  • Grout
  • Adhesives
  • Acrylic
  • Soft metals
  • Wall tile
  • Glass
  • Windows and doors
  • Hardware
  • Cabinets
  • Countertop


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Editor’s Note: Dremel® is a registered brand name and is used as an adjective to describe the products made by the Dremel brand.


Allison Bradley, Olson PR


John Hauter, Dremel