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Dremel 8200
Dremel® VRT1

The new Dremel VRT1 is the first and only shop vacuum-powered rotary tool available on the market. Its combination of a shop vacuum and a versatile, turbine-powered rotary tool efficiently "cuts out the cleanup," improving workspace cleanliness and keeping airborne debris to a minimum. Users will enjoy uninterrupted project time thanks to powerful dust intake ports that eliminate debris while the tool is in use. Ideal for projects from woodcarving and sanding to stone carving, glass etching or drywall cutting and drilling, the VRT1 is the solution to working with dust-producing materials.

Dremel® VRT1 Product Features and Strengths:

The Dremel VRT1 is available online beginning April 1, 2015 and can be found in store at Lowe's beginning August 1, 2015 (MSRP $29.99 USD). For more information, visit

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Editor’s Note: Dremel® is a registered brand name and is used as an adjective to describe the products made by the Dremel brand.


Hannah Thulin, Cramer-Krasselt

John Hauter, Dremel